Walt Disney World May 7 - 14th "DAY 1"


(Day 1) Our day started off great, We arrived early (May 7) at The All Star Movies around 10:00am. Our 9yr old DD has Down Syndrome and has problems with walking distances… We have been paying on our trip for 5 months and we make sure every time while making a payment over the phone to remind the cast member that we would require a room towards the front lobby “No problem, We’ll take care of that”. Well we get there and we have a room at the back of the hotel, Without knowing the room we go to find it and it is in the back 9’s. We call up front and they ask us to hold while they find another room and they do! They put us in our usual spot when we stay at the ASM. The Cast member did tell me that we needed to let them know when we booked our trip … We’ll I thought " Is this how our vacation is going to be?", I informed the cast member of our previous calls and that we were assured our room would be close… Anywhooooo… on with our vacation.

We ordered food from the Garden Grocer.com two days before we arrived and they had it to our room at the same time our luggage showed up… Quick and nice. We took a short break in the room and then off to the Kingdom for our first stop.
We arrived around 2:00 pm and immediatlly purchased stroller passes for 7 days … (Single Stroller / 7 Days … $90.00) A lil’ higher than our previous trips, But we used it all the time . There’s nothing greater than to see your child walk into Main Street and catch that first glimpse of Cinderella’s Castle in the background. We were lucky to arrive when we did because we caught the “Move it, Shake it” just as they were coming out by the Firehouse. The DD loved it, and was shaking her butt along with them as they went by.
Naturally we hit the shops as we made our way down main street towards Fantasyland. The DD promised us she would do “Small World” this trip (Before she would get scared because the loud sounds and fear of getting on the boat) … Not a problem this time, on she went and she loved it ! The DW and I knew we’d enjoy our time as a family this trip. We then strolled around the castle and took in the sights. We were going to our favorite haunt for Dinner but they were closed… “Columbia Harbour House”, maybe they were just closed for cleaning? After a couple of laps around the Castle we moved over to Adventureland to see the Pirates … Arrrgh! In a nutshell we just spent most of the evening strolling just to take in the sights. We were “Mapping” it out for our Saturday Bibbidi Bobbidi Reservation our DD had and then we were to eat at the Castle for dinner. Day one came to a close… More to come:pirate:


What an adorable picture of your DD in front of the castle! :happy:


the pic infront of the castle makes me want to :crying:


Yay another trip report. I love the picture of your DD in front of the castle. Sweet.


More to follow with a ton of pics … Thanks Gang !!!


Hey, you were there the same time as us. We arrived on the 7th and sadly departed on the 16th. I am still working on my TR.

What a great pic of your DD in front of the castle!!!

Glad to hear ASM straightened out your ressie!

Want to hear more.


Great picture of your DD in front of Cinderella’s Castle . I bet a picture like that makes all the planning worth it ,even if you get the blues after you get home. Thanks for starting your trip report and sharing your great pictures. I can’t wait for more.:mickey:


Great start! Can’t wait for the rest. Your DD is quite a cutie.


AWWWW… what a sweet castle picture!!! Her IASW picture reminds me of my brother’s first trip when he was 2 (he also has Down’s) After his first ride on Small World he loved it and shouted “again, again”. I think we rode it a gazillion times that year, each ride ending with “again, again”. I didn’t think I would ever get that song out of my head.


great photos, loooove the shade of pink of that sundress =)


Great start! I can’t wait to read more. Your little girl is precious!


What a great first day, I hope the rest of the trip was this wonderful. Love the picture of your DD in front of the castle, very cute.


Gotta love the pure JOY on her face…priceless!


Great first day. Happy to hear the hotel fixed everything for ya.
Looking foward to reading more and more pics.


Your DD is so adorable, I bet she had a lot of fun! Great first day trip report, Can’t wait to hear more!


" Day 2 "
We started off our morning at AK’s Tusker House for a wonderful breakfast. The Cast Member who attended our table was wonderful, He told us to take our time getting food and gave us a heads up on which characters would be coming our direction. He even helped in taking photos with us. They had a little conga line going around our section of the room for the children and handed out tamberines and shakers. Pluto lead at first then Daisy jumped in to finish. It was a great start to the morning.

We left Tusker House and headed straight for the “Safari Bus” (That’s what our DD calls the Kilimanjaro Safari ride) It was nice to feel my breakfast readjust in my belly while we toured the savannah!!! After the Safari Bus we motored over to catch “Festival of the Lion King” . Our DD quickly caught the eyes of the monkeys who perform on the trapeze, they made sure to come over and shake her hand and blow her a kiss.

After the show our DD decided she wanted to go back to the hotel and swim so we headed back to ASM and dashed out to the pool for a frolic and me and the DW enjoyed a Frosty Beverage as well.

After the aquatic portion of the day was over we thought we might try an evening at Epcot and continue our enjoyment of said Frosty Beverage… We pulled in at Epcot around 6:00 pm and started snapping pics of all the toperies, our favorite was Beauty and the Beast . By the time we had walked to the World Showcase we had missed Off Kilter in Canada (my fav’s while sampling some LeBlatts) so we thought we would stroll down to the UK and try to catch British Invasion … no such luck! A big 0 for 2 !!!
Sooooo we moved into France and thought we could sample a Grand Mariner (We, (really the DW) wanted to sample it and thought it was O.K.)
After a couple of trial runs on them we sat down at The American Adventure and caught Illuminations. The DD loves this firework show about the same as wishes… The DW and I are fond of it too! We wrapped up the night with a slow walk back thru the Showcase with a few pics here and there and zoom we were back at our room and ready to go another day !!!


Day 2 sounds like a wonderful day. I want to try the breakfast at AK. I may have to talk my DD into it. Keep the TR coming and the wonderful pictures.


Breakfast @ Animal Kingdom is wonderful, best breakfast I have been to WDW in my opinion! They have so much to choose from on the bar and characters are great:heart:also! :wub:


Yes … These trip reports remove “Post Trip Blues” !!! I am already getting exited about yapping about our next day and more important … Our next Trip!


I know it works right! :laugh:
Well let’s start yapping! I’m ready to read :laugh:
Where are you staying in 2010?