Walt Disney World Pavilion at Florida Hospital for Children


I’m usually not a fan of the whole donate-and-get-free-stuff plan, but I also happen to be a total sucker for children’s hospitals (and I don’t mean “sucker” in a bad way… I believe children’s hospitals are completely deserving).

If you donate to the Walt Disney World Pavilion at the Florida Hospital for Children, you can receive up to ten one-day, one-park tickets or eight one-day, park hopper tickets.


Think about it - if your family of four (assuming everyone is a Disney “adult”) is going to WDW for one day, your park tickets are going to cost $328+tax. For $330, you can donate to the Florida Children’s hospital and receive four one day, one park tickets. For about the same price, you could “buy” your tickets through the children’s hospital - what better way to get Disney tickets?

Now, it doesn’t really work as well if you’re going for multiple days in a row because the more you stay, the more you play, but if you’re going for just a few days, then why not donate to the Florida Hospital for Children instead of buying directly through Disney?

Just a thought… :happy:


Thanks for the link, Victoria. I’ll pass it on to some friends who are planning a trip.


Thats such a great idea Victoria, to be able to donate and to get your tickets too- nothing to lose and everything to gain for both the hospital and the guest.


I did it as a Christmas gift to our son. He was going to join us for two days and would have balked at getting just a plain and simple gift of park tickets. But he believes in giving to others so this was great all the way around. Recommend it highly.


What a great idea! I wish I knew someone that could do it…


Could these tickets be upgraded? If so i’d buy the first day everytime for charity and apply that to a longer stay. Its probably a free ticket though, and wouldnt work that way.


I have no idea… I wonder if anyone has tried to upgrade it. I’ll look around a little and see if I can find any info.

Well, according to The Mouse for Less…

Walt Disney World is working with the Florida Hospital for Children to build the Walt Disney Pavilion, the children’s hospital of the future. You can help by making a donation and in the process get a Walt Disney World ticket(s) and other WDW discounts (varies per donation level). Those who donate at the $85 level receive a 1-day, 1-park ticket (this ticket is availabe at the gate for $87.33); a donation of $150 gets 2 tickets and a $20 Planet Hollywood gift card; a $300 gift gets 4 tickets and and a $40 Planet Hollywood gift card, and a $750 gift gets 10 tickets and a $120 Planet Hollywood gift card. Tickets are not eligible for upgrades and expire on 12/31/11. Shipping and handling charges apply. Gifts will be sent to the address provided via united states postal service priority package. Signature confirmation is required. Allow 5-7 business days for delivery. For more info visit floridahospitalfoundation or call 407-303-2784.



What a great idea , I wish we needed tickets this year. I’m with LMM, I have a soft spot for children’s hospitals. My son has had 20 plus surgeries and all but one have been at our children’s hospital.


Yes, it is a free ticket and cannot be upgraded in any way. But it worked so well for us last month.


A great idea!


Nice idea — It could actually be used all over the world, not only in Florida, 'cause EVERYONE loves WDW!