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Good Evening,
I am going on a trip to Walt Disney World in about 16 days. :laugh: When I originally planned the trip it was April and I was not pregnant but I found out in May Im expecting our first child. I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and one of the unfortunate people to experience morning sickness :blow: that doesn’t necessarily hit during the morning hours and tends to be a little bad. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can deal with it at Disney World?
Also, when I don’t have morning sickness I am starving and was planning on bringing snacks with us. Are there any suggestions on what types of snacks that are really good to bring? (specially since all my family suggests is crackers and I really am not a fan of Saltines).

This is my first trip to Disney World (Ive been to Disneyland on a number of occasions but never left California on Vacations, unless you count meeting the In-Laws). I am trying to look forward to this vacation as much as I can. One last question, I heard that there is someplace where you can get really small pairs of Disney ears and I was wondering if anyone knew? I wanted to get a pair for the baby’s first “trip”.


First let me start by welcoming you to MB! You will love this site, it is very addicting! Second, congratulations on your little one! I totally understand your predicament, I say go and enjoy Disney as much as possible and savor every moment. Your time together so freely is about to dwindle, yet become much more satisfying!

That said, when I was pregnant I was told to snack on Ginger. They say it calms the stomach. I also don’t think you need to stick stricktly to Saltines, try other types of carckers, they should have similar effects, my favorites are butter crackers. I realize you said that it doesn’t always tend to be in the AM that you have morning sickness, but I have heard that you should keep the crackers by your bedside and eat them before you rise. Old Wives Tale or not, I am not sure, but anything is worth a try.

Also, look on the bright side… you are now in your second trimester and you should start feeling better! This phase usually brings along with it, more energy and decreased morning sickness. Keep yourself well hydrated and if you feel the need for something other than water try to do Ginger Ale. Make sure you rest when you need to and make your dinning reservations about 4 hours apart. This will keep your energy and sugar levels up! Update us when you get back, I really hope you have a great time!

Sorry, can’t help you with the mini mickey ears q, but I am sure someone else here will chime in!


Welcome to Mouse Buzz. And congratulations on your little-one-to-be!!

I second the ginger suggestions, as well as the ginger ale. I used to carry a box of ginger snaps with me for the first 5 months, in case I needed them. Just make sure to take breaks if you’re tired, and get plenty of fluids.

I bought a pair of the little mouse ears at one of the hat carts in Fantasy Land when I was expecting a few years ago. It has elastic for under the chin so the hat dosen’t fall off.

Have a great trip!!! :happy:


Wouldn’t morning sickness magically disappear at Disney?


Love the idea of this leslieh…but I can’t see it happening I’m afraid :laugh:

Congrtulations on your little one, however, I don’t really know what to recommend as our food in the UK differs ( brands etc ) but I always carried a packet of dry biscuits ( cookies I think you guys call them) in every bag I had! I also found cola great but only once it had lost its bubble and gone flat.

Just make sure you rest up when you can and don’t become everyones ‘bag sitter’!!!



My suggestions (after 4 kids and 4 bouts of Morning sickness)
Get the lollypops for morning sickness at the pharmacy and some sea bands- they will help
bring granola bars and fruit and grain bars and only eat them in little pieces at a time.
have a water or gingerale on hand to sip all the time- and personally I would have to bring a few bags with me just in case since I was hit out of nowhere and at anytime when it hit. I did find too that if I ate whatever it was I craved, it helped keep the food down.

Good luck and best wishes!


Eat lots of carbs, crackers, bananas (in the parks), or any fruit would be good. Stay hydrated and watch the warnings on some of those rides. I rode the safari at AK at 5 months, even with a warning… you can sit up front… I would watch some of those other rides, they can be very intense. You will have fun, just drink a lot and rest on the benches! Have a great trip!


I went when I was 7 nmonths pregnant, and it was really no problem. Since you are going in the summer, drink plenty of fluids and take plenty of breaks. EVen if you don’t think you need one, it’s better to take one before you get completely exhausted.


I was at 1 park (non-disney related) two different times while pregnant. The first time was the day after finding out I was 8 weeks pregnant, the other time I was further along, about 4 months I think.

One thing to avoid AT ALL COSTS while pregnant with morning sickness is popcorn. It HURTS coming back out (not to be gross, but seriously, your throat and mouth will hurt for hours).

For me, with my first pregnancy, vanilla milkshakes settled my stomache. With that pregnancy, anything and everything came back up. I spent almost 8 full months with morning (ha- all day!) sickness. The milkshakes would settle my tummy nicely.

Crackers, bread, anything dry that will help soak up the food already in your stomache will help. Pretzals work, too. Crackers don’t have to be saltines, they can be any kind- ritz, chicken n’bisquit, vegetable thins, etc.

Eat light meals, but eat more meals. Don’t sit down and stuff yourself with 3 large meals a day. Sit down when you are feeling hungry, and eat a small meal. Maybe split a regular sized meal with hubby, and then stop again 2 hours later and do it again. If you avoid being hungry, and avoid being over stuffed, you’ll be less likely to get sick.

Avoid drinking fluids AND eating at the same time, as they tend to upset the stomach more if there is something sloshing around. Drink your fluids outside of meal time. Or, just sip at water enough to clear your mouth during meals.


Welcome to MouseBuzz and congratulations!

I think mostly importantly you have to pace yourself, rest when you have to, as others have said, eat several small meals instead of 3 large ones. Jello-snacks would be easy to carry. Stay away from fried or greasy food. For me, bananas seemed to work well. And pretzels.


Congratulations on your pregnancy! (And your trip to Disney World!) :mickey: Oh, and welcome to MouseBuzz!

I am currently 18 weeks pregnant…but alas no plans for a trip to Disney so you’ve got the jump on that one. :wink:

I’m sure you will be able to have a great time; the advice the others gave you is great - pace yourself, make sure and stay VERY well hydrated, and eat small quality meals/snacks as much as you can to keep your stomach settled.

Have a great trip and please come back and let us know how it goes! :smile:


Congrats and welcome!!! You’ve pretty much gotten all of the advice I could give. My only suggestion is try to get out as early as you can in the morning, come back to your resort during the heat of the day, and nap or enjoy the pool, then head back into the parks.
Enjoy your trip and looking forward to hearing all about it.


The only thing that helped me when I was pregnant was those sea bands. Once I put those on, the sickness seemed to disappear! I would also get hard candies to suck on, it might help. One other thing I would suggest is to try not to get overheated and take it easy. I got alittle overheated one time when I was prego and it was not fun. Keep hydrated! And by the way, Congratulations!!!


Oh I’m not sure where you can get them (I could ask my dad), but they make these strange Middle Eastern candies out of ginger…and lots of it. They’re semi-chewy, but better to suck on. And they’ll give you the most potent dose of ginger (versus ginger ale, etc.) that will help ease morning sickness!

They’re pretty spicy to suck on, but they have an amazing effect. You should try to get your hands on some of those!


I’m not very well versed on pregnancy, so can’t give any advice but I wanted to say Welcome to MouseBuzz! and congratulations on your little one. I hope you have a great trip and a wonderful experience of motherhood!


Welcome to DC…I mean MB!!!


Thank you everyone for the suggestions. It makes me feel a little more excited actually talking about it. I asked my co-workers (most are mothers/fathers) and the only I response I got is “why would you want to go there”… Some people just don’t know whats fun… I love Disneyland so I know that I will love Disney World.
Just another question, how bad are the Mosquitoes out there? Does anyone know of a bug repellant that works that doesn’t have DEET in it? I have a slight allergy to mosquito bites and would have to have to go to the hospital becuase I didn’t take any precautions.


Well, you certainly won’t come across any people like that here.:laugh: Most of us would go to WDW even if we were in labour.:laugh:

Personally, I have never found the mosquitos bad at WDW. In fact - I can’t honestly remember ever swatting a mosquito. There are lots of “natural” repellents on the market. Just check out the drugstore.


First off congrats on you expecting your first child. Second, do WDW at a pace that suits you. Take care and take your time. If you feel sick, go back to the hotel and relax. If you feel sick, take a break. There is no need to rush as you can go back again and hit the stuff you miss this time around. Enjoy your time with your DH alone…it won’t be that way for long…lol I was one of those unfortunates who had random sickness ( can’t call it morning because it came whenever) I liked nuts for some reason. I ate them around the clock…lol


Thought I would share a tidbit of information that I was told during both of my pregnancies. If you eat too many nuts or peanut butter during your pregancy it has been known to make your child more prone to nut allergies. Since I LOVE peanut butter, I tried to stay away as much as possbile. A nut allergy can be such a hard allergy to have, and to have to think about not having peanut butter in the house forever was too much to handle!!!

Sorry for the rant, I am not even sure that this is true, but I had two totally different practices during my two pregnancies and they both said the same thing. Just thought I would share.