Walt Disney World quietly rolls out annual-pass promotion


I know this was posted somewhere already . . . BUT I CAN’T FIND IT!!?? (sorry)

[B]Walt Disney World quietly rolls out annual-pass promotion
Disney World passholders who renew can get 15 months for the price of 12[/B]

In a sign Walt Disney World fears cash-strapped annual passholders may opt not to renew, the resort has quietly rolled out a new promotion offering 15 months for the price of 12.

It’s the first time Disney has made such an offer to passholders, a spokeswoman said.

The promotion began Aug. 2 (the same day Disney raised annual-pass prices) and applies to passes that expire Sept. 1 or later. To get the extra three months, a passholder must be within his or her customary renewal window, 60 days or less from the expiration date. They must renew no later than the expiration date.

The offer applies to all types of annual passes, excluding “Epcot After 4” passes.

Disney has not widely broadcast the promotion, instead opting only to contact eligible passholders directly via mail and e-mail. The resort has not said how long the promotion will last.

“We’re going to periodically evaluate the program to determine how long it will run,” Disney spokeswoman Kim Prunty said.

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I thought the other post said that you can renew 30 days before or 30 days after the pass expires to get the 15 months. This post says within 60 days and before the expiration date. Hmmm…


Wow! Do we get 15 months if we buy a new pass too? That would be great!


Well I know you can’t renew (ever) unless you are within 30 days of expiration . . . so I’d go with the 30 days. I have to say I see NOTHING on the passholder site. BUT, that said I didn’t learn about the FREE one day waterpark pass I received last year, until I went to renew and the CM told me about the promotion . . . so they keep this stuff hush, hush for whatever reason :confused:?!?!


One day waterpark pass with renewal?
I guess I didn’t get one because I’ve got a premium AP so technically I’ve got 365 waterpark passes.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;982800]One day waterpark pass with renewal?
I guess I didn’t get one because I’ve got a premium AP so technically I’ve got 365 waterpark passes.[/QUOTE]

Riiiight! :laugh:

Yes, when I renewed (well I upgraded from seasonal to annual) we were each given a one day waterpark ticket. We went to BB in March, and had a blast!

I saw this on another site, it says 60 days!

In fear that Walt Disney World passholders may not want to renew their annual passes in light of the currrent economic situation, a special offer was quietly rolled out on August 2, the same day the announcement was released to raise one-day theme park prices. With this fantastic offer, you get 15 months for the price of 12!

This marks the very first time Disney has ever offered this kind of promotion to its passholders, a highly valued and valuable revenue stream not only in terms of tickets but food and beverage and merchandise sales generated by these frequent visitors to the park.
The promotion applies to Walt Disney World passholder renewals that expire on September 1 or later. To be eligible for the extra three free months, the passholder must be within 60 days of their regular renewal window. The offer applies to all forms of annaul pass excluding the “After 4:00 p.m.Epcot pass.”
As of right now, there is no expiration date for this offer so hopefully it will be out there for awhile! Visit Disneyworld.com/passholder for more information

It says to check the passholder website . . . but I STILL see nothing about it on there!:huh:


So if your pass expires on Jan 1st, and you wait the 60 days to renew, I assume your next pass starts on the renewal date which would be like Feb 28th and isn’t retroactive to the expiration date?