Walt Disney World Reservations Changes


Anyone noticed that the Walt Disney World reservations system has had several planned outages for “upgrades” in recent weeks? Apparently what has happened is that all of the back-end reservations systems were updated from an old DOS-based system to a new Windows-based system (welcome to the 90s!).

Anyway, one of the results of all this is that, when the system is functioning properly, there will be no more live, human room controllers assigning hotel rooms to reservations. Those assignments will now all be done automatically by the computerized reservations system. What that means to you is that the days of being able to request certain buildings or room locations within a resort are pretty much over.

You can still have room requests entered as a part of your reservation, but they will not be taken into any account at all until you are physically standing at the front desk to check in. So if you are not lucky enough to be automatically assigned the room you requested, your only hope is that the CM at the front desk will be able to switch things around to get you what you want.

I know this saves Disney the cost of employing people to act as room controllers, and on the face it seems like a great idea, but my sympathies are sure with the front desk CMs who will have to bear the brunt of this new policy.



Yup, there go the jobs. Ohhhhhh:rolleyes: :nonono2:


I think it is a good idea. I think that we spend way too much time worrying about exactly where we are staying at each hotel. ( I am included in this). It think that it is great- we can relax and make one less decision about our trips… health considerations should always be given a priority, though…


hehe, you don’t honestly believe that the Disney crazy people are going to let that stop them worrying. Ok, I don’t believe it for one minute. Oh, I can just see how chaotic this is going to be :laugh:


agreed- I think that it will make a lot of people freak out. But think about it-when you go to other places, are you saying stuff like, “Can I stay on the 6th floor”. I never think about it unless I am at Disney…
It is kind of ridiculous that they let all of the multiple requests happen in the first place…unless you need a wheelchair room, etc. There will always be exceptions.


I hate that this takes away the human touch. For example, we’ve been to AKL many times, and have always had a room pretty much down the same hallway, in the same area. It feels right going in that area every single time. Now it will be russian roulette, no consistancy. I agree that I feel sorry for the front desk cm’s. If we get a room assigned down the other side of the building that we aren’t use to, I’ll just request a move, but it seems like a lot more work is going to be created, because I know a lot of others are passionate about what they like about the resort also.


[QUOTE=hanwill;1059088]agreed- I think that it will make a lot of people freak out. But think about it-when you go to other places, are you saying stuff like, “Can I stay on the 6th floor”. I never think about it unless I am at Disney…
It is kind of ridiculous that they let all of the multiple requests happen in the first place…unless you need a wheelchair room, etc. There will always be exceptions.[/QUOTE]

It is extremely ridiculous actually and I have always chuckled to myself reading these questions and requests :laugh:


Disney is really a corporation and like all corporations, looks to save money at expense of the “little People” and loss of course, of human contact. It is disappointing to all who believe or want to believe in disney magic and it’s ensuing human contact. I sympathize with you really. But unfortunately, this is reality all over


we just went to DLR this past weekend,we used our premier annual passes,as we got into DCA we were asked if we would like to take part in a survey,we said yes,well once again all the information I gave them was or should have been accessed by my admission to the park,who I was were I am from ,how often i come how many people in my party,my e-mail adress,etc …it has always amazed me that a company the size of disney with an unbelievable plethora of information and they cannot match it up,I have been asking this same question of them for at least 15 years …well it got worse today got an e-mail asking me if I wanted to take part in another survey once again every questiuon asked ,they should have already had in their data base…I just don’t get it,truly a waste of money,the DOS system should have been dumped years ago,about windows all they really need is windows NT …and that would solve it…why this bothers me is the money they have wasted on their IT dept and while they are constantly looking for more revenue…also in over 38 trips to WDW I have never been contacted about our past trip…but I will be asked anytime I call if I am new ,and if not when was the last time I visited etc…I would love to get that contract and straighten out that IT dept…


This won’t be much of a change for me. The room controllers never gave me the area I requested anyway. Not once!


Well said!


I always put a request on my reservation. I haven’t faxed a request in since Disney stopped accepting them years ago. If I don’t get a room that I like when I get there, I asked to be placed some where else. If that’s not possible, I just deal with it. There’s usually a neutral place they offer. I really can’t complain about the rooms that I have had…well except for that one time at POFQ in 2006…that was a bit much, but it was still a good trip and the room hardly contributed to that great trip. It never does, so who cares?


EXACTLY! Two years ago we went with family. Paid for priority for both rooms and requested adjoining (we do it every year and never get it but hey a girls gotta dream). We get there…they don’t even have us in the same building…and one is NOT priority! So…after a little hissy fit we BOTH end up non-priority (because they have no rooms available anywhere) but literally five steps from P. Best is, the kids came back to the rooms after the first day with a $120 gift card each on thier beds…PLUS they gave the money back for the difference of the room!


We disney fans are a tough crowd,with all their failings we still go back though,why because they usually goout of their way to make it right…that being said beware of early check in …any special requests made are usually lost,seems like when you check in online it cannot adjust and when you get there,you are checked ,but without your special request,like a particulr building or floor…once again that being said we willbe there for 12 glorious nights in apr…long live disney…oh ya and a side trip to DLR next month


I got the exact building noted on my reservation when I did the online check in. No problems at all. I requested the same exact building for my upcoming trip and if I don’t get it when I use the online check-in, I’ll request a new room when I get there. It’s seriously no different then cheking in when you get there…the room is given to you. If you don’t want it, you ask for another. that being said, online check in saves a seriously amount of time in my opinion. I loved that I was ready to go and just had to wait for the room to be clean. It worked out well for me anyway.


just relaying my circumstance,the person at check in said that the online check in …didn’t see special requests and yes you can request it to be changed …once again just relaying my circumstance and the info I was given…


You could always call the resort yourself 2-3 days before you arrive to have them put that into your reservation. We did that on our last trip and was able to stay in the building we requested.


As was I…no big deal. I had it noted on my actual resort reservation, not when I checked in online. I wasn’t clear…sorry about that.


They can do that at CRO any time. you don’t need to wait for that time frame. If a TA booked it, they can have it noted for you.


my point was the requests were already made through CRo but wwhen you check in online …sometimes I guess they do not show…or slip through