Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress and Living Seas ride closed


Starting Sunday, October 21, 2001, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress has been closed. It is not clear at this time if it is permanent or temporary. Rumor has been in the air recently that the carousel would be closed and removed in favor of an additional E-ticket ride. The Carousel in Disneyland was redone nearly two years ago into an innoventions type display. My guess is that this is just a budget cut, and will return to normal operation around Thanksgiving. We may see the end though as the 100 Years of Magic celebration ends. I was fortunate to ride the Carousel one last time in early October, if indeed this is the end.

Also, the Living Seas ride in EPCOT has been altered so that you no longer ride from the movie to Sea Base Alpha, you just walk. This appears to be due to budget cuts, although this is another ride rumored to be altered in the coming years, and it needs it.