Walt: The Man behind the Myth


has anyone watched this yet? i’m supposed to get it from Netflix tomorrow. if no one has watched it yet, i’ll be glad to post my review as soon as i watch it.


Yes, please do!


Nope… but a review would be great.


Man Behind the Myth???

Is that just me, or does that sound kind of Disney-bashing?


Sure . . . I’m always in need of a good movie to watch!! :happy:


I have seen this. I netflixed it as well. It is a really good doc about Walt and his family. The documentary also talks about some of the technology Walt invented for animation, as well as where his ideas came from for the Disney theme parks. He really was a pioneer in technology for animation and other techno related things.


I’ve seen it and enjoyed it. Not bashing at all. It was very informative. Funny, I think I got it from Netflix as well.


I own a copy and I love it. It’s a nifty litle documentary that provides a personal biography of Walt Disney. it is narrated by Dick Van Dyke, and features interviews with many of Walt’s closest friends, family and employees. It’s wonderful.


Oh cool. I think I’ll get it too.


Is this anything like the one at the WDW that tells the story of Walt and all the history behind DL and WDW? I have also seen something on television, but cannot for the life remember the name of the documentary.


I wonder if it is anything like the movie at the end of One Man’s Dream at MGM Studios? I always get goose bumps when I watch it.


Sounds like it would be interesting.


well, i just finished watching “Man behind the Myth” a while ago and i must say it is a good documentary on Walt. i knew a lot of things about Walt himself, from what i read and what i learned from the KTTK tour. but it was also nice to learn more about his family. i had no idea his daughter sharon was adopted and walt and lilly had a hard time conceiving. it is a must see for the big disney fans.


I will have to order it over from the States. They have not produced a region 2 DVD of this!

Do you know of any DVD websites that will deliver to England apart from amazon??

It sounds like a good dvd!!



They have Walt’s birthdate wrong in that video… They say it’s December 2nd, but all of the bios say it’s December 5th.