Want a Monorail Hotel - Grand Floridian thoughts?


I am looking to book a trip for October. We definitely want to stay on the monorail. We stayed at the Poly last October and the monorail proved invaluable for efficient transportation.

For me, the themeing of the resort is part of the Magic. I am not fond of modern decor, so the Contemporary is last on the list. We were happy with the Poly, but thought we might like to try something new. Any thoughts on the GF? Has anyone stayed in a Dormer Room? They look like a quaint from the pictures.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.


We’re always at the GF to dine but haven’t been able to justify the added expense of staying there under current conditions.
The GF is one of only three we haven’t stayed at (and that includes Swolphin).
The other two we haven’t done, and don’t seem to be racing to do are All Star Movies and Saratoga Springs. There’s no difference at all between the 4 value resorts except that Pop’s buildings are 4 floors instead of 3 and I really don’t care for the location of SSR, although I would like an excuse to stay in a Treetop Villa.

Service at GF has to be on par with the other monorail resorts. As for the dormer rooms, I can’t say.


Have loved dining there but have never looked into staying there, something about it’s decor and theming, as much as I adore it and am in awe every time I wander around, I can’t envision myself in shorts and tee bouncing down the grand staircase or racing from the pool to my room a little drippy…yet feel perfectly comfortable at AKL doing all of this! Strange, I know lol!

I do think if you have the chance to stay there, then do so just for the experience!


We do it all the time when dining at 1900 Park Fare. The monorail’s on the second floor after all:laugh:


DH felt the same way. He said it was too “upper crust” for him, but it has grown on him over the last few years. He would like the Contemporary, but I’m just not sold on the decor.

We have never had much issue with transportation problems, but the monorail from the Poly made traveling so easy we hate to depart from the convenience.

They are pricey resorts, but I have found the deluxe resorts to be worth it for our family. They don’t feel as congested, in terms of people, as the values do and I love the extra service and amenities.


I would love to stay at the GF - unfortunately unless it turns into a DVC it ain’t gonna happen! But I think you should give it a try! Why not? It’s gorgeous. My dds and I have afternoon tea every trip and I always leave the GF feeling so relaxed. I’ve never felt that it’s too “upper-crust”. Every CM I’ve spoken to there has been lovely and helpful. We were looking for a specific tea for my daughter last trip and this wonderful CM took us through every store trying to track it down - turned out it was sold at the Afternoon Tea. He didn’t stop til he found it for us. And it was all done with a smile.

I’ve honestly never seen anyone “dripping” through the lobby - I suspect there are other exits and entrances to the pools.


I’ve honestly never seen anyone “dripping” through the lobby - I suspect there are other exits and entrances to the pools.[/QUOTE]

Leave it to us…we dripped :blush::redface::blush: While staying at Poly we really wanted to relax in the hot tub and according to the Resort if Poly guests want to use the hot tub they share with GF, so off we went. We were so relaxed after that the walk back down the trail did not seem appealing, we decided to take the monorail back around. To get to it we took a wrong turn and ended up in the lobby :blush:


Thats funny!The kind of thing that would happen to us too:redface:

I’m with LLama, never felt out of place at the GF. Always thought it was a beautiful resort just out of our price range especially with our length of stay. But if money were not an option it would definitely be top of our list.


We went through the debate ourselves for our upcoming trip, between GF, Poly & CR…and honestly without the HUGE military discounts being offered we wouldn’t have paid to stay at a Deluxe…or even a Moderate for that matter, we would have just opted for SOG and walked 5 mins to use the monorail at the Poly. We couldn’t get the rate at CR, they were sold out of the discounted rooms…and DW, isn’t really in to that style…but the kids love the monorail going through the resort and liked the “coolness” of how the rooms looked. The GF, honestly, DW and I picture staying at when we are older and come to the F&W festival, or on a trip with our grandkids (hopefully none any time soon!!!)…it’s just not our style right now…but again, don’t get me wrong…we admire the elegance and beauty and WILL stay there someday. So we ended up going with the Poly…I know…HORRIBLE to have to “settle” for the Poly :whistling


Gosh, we are just the people to answer this! 2 years ago for our 10th wedding anniversary, we stayed at the GF for 7 nights. Fantastic resort, but not our favorite. We stayed in a dormer room too with a park view. So, here is my take:

Beautiful resort, fantastic rooms, immaculately maintained, perfect place. The room was large, pretty neat with the dormer layout, great balcony, great mousekeeping. Restaurants were great, nice staff, etc.

BUT, (of course there is a but), it was by far NOT our favorite. It is pretty simply just a nice hotel. It doesn’t have that same “Disney Magic” that other resorts such as the Poly or WL have. We have stayed at both of them and far prefer them to the GF. While the grounds are beautiful, the room is great, and the staff is nice, I was really hoping for more in the realm of the “neat fun-ness” that we have come to love about Disney. It simply just doesn’t have the theming or the themed pool we have come to love. If it were just my wife and I, and we wanted a romantic honeymoon resort, sure, it would be great. However, we have a daughter and just didn’t have the same experience. Great hotel, just not great Disney. Also, we paid out the wazzoo for a park view room. We got a view of the castle if we leaned out to the left from our dormer balcony which wasn’t horrible, but not worth the park view money. One cool thing though, we could hear the Haunted Mansion from our room! LOL. We loved that.

For the money, I would say go Poly or Contemporary. Both are VERY Disney, are quite a bit cheaper, and frankly are just as nice.

Good luck!


Grew up staying at the CR. And it was the first trip back to WDW with my own family when we could afford to go so Pam was spoiled. She and the kids loved the whole resort and it will always be my #1 for the memories of my childhood and seeing my kids experience their first 4 trips to WDW there.

But Pam grew up on the New England coast and I spent summers in Cape May, NJ. The GF calls to both of us. If it wasn’t for great deals at other resorts on past trips or DVC points I know GF would be home for us. I appreciate how laid back the resort is.
Our freinds go every year and the GF is the only resort they stay at. And they are as laid back country folk as you will ever run into. They enjoy the service and accomodations without the snotty attitude you might get in similar themed/styled hotels not in WDW.


At the Grand Floridian, when the MK lets out and crowds are crazy its nice to jump on the resort boat and be the first stop from the MK. Not too bad to take the boat from the GF to MK when monorail is packed as well.

We enjoy Contemporary/BLT in which we can walk to MK when the monorail is crowded.

Good luck choosing. Any Monorail resort is great. Poly is DW and my favorite.


We have stayed at all of them over the years. Our favorite is the GF. It is more, but the feeling there is just beyond belief. They all have their own perks. Loved walking to the MK from the CR, the Poly is just so nice, and recently renovated, but the Grand is just soooo Grand.


Of course you ended up in the lobby. You can’t access the monorail platform from outside the building. You even have to drip up the grand staircase.
And then there’s a very long trip all around Seven Seas Lagoon in the monorail’s refrigerated meat lockers, I mean cars.:laugh:


The GF is gorgeous, but I always feel it’s to fancy for me and DD. If I were heading on a romantic trip with DBF I may want to give it a try for a few nights. Try it…why not?


I think you should try it for yourself and see how you like it. It is different and a nice resort. It just depends on if the theme is what you enjoy. Give it a shot and see.

Just be prepared. Some are a little surprised when they get on the monorail or bus and being the last stop from the resorts it is often already crowded and standing room only. You are the first back on the boat so that is nice. Also you won’t have walking access to the TTC like you did at the Polynesian so on your way back from Epcot you will have to switch monorails or walk through the Polynesian and down the beach.

Let us know what you think when you get back.


We have stayed at the CR and Poly and those two resorts convinced us to get into the DVC. Neither were paid for by us, but our generous mother did (several times). There is nothing like the monorail resorts and the combination of the monorail and the locale convinced us BLT was the way to go. We have stopped by the GF several times, but it just wasn’t us. We are always go go go, and the GF is a little more layed back than what our style is.

Good luck with your decision.


We have stayed at the grand numerous times and love it from the atmosphere to the conveince of the monorail being right there it is fantastic the pools are amazing the restaurants are incredible except for gasparilla’s the quick service at the lodge or at poly is much much better


Thanks for all of your input. I am still not sure what to do. DD now says she would like WL because we were married there and the girls have never gotten to stay there. ARGHHH… I am very confused. I suppose I cannot go wrong with any deluxe. I will keep looking and try to make a decision. If a deal were to be released for our time that may help push me one way or another. I LOVE a deal


I have always wanted to stay at the GF but wanted to stay at others deluxes first. The GF was lower on my list for some of the same reasons many MBers stated; it just feels a little too stuffy. But give it a try and see for yourself. I hope a deal comes out for you soon.