Want to see my WDW Plan?!?!


Hey DC Friends!

We are leaving ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!! I have been enjoying the planning process, and I’m about to burst with excitement!!! I thought one way to relieve my excited nervousness would be to share my plan with you all. Maybe someone will have ways to improve my plan!

Our party includes me, my husband, my 6 year old DD and 2 year old DS.

Tuesday March 14: We leave Grand Rapids, MI at 7:30 PM. Late, I know, but Frequent Flyer tickets are worth it! We arrive in Orlando at Midnight. Taking the Magical Express to the POLYNESIAN! My dream resort! We have requested a newly remodeled room in the Rapa Nui building in order to be close to the TTC.

Wednesday March 15: Wake up late because of our late arrival. We have 10:30 ADR’s at 1900 Park Fare to have a late breakfast with Pooh and friends, Alice, Mad Hatter and Mary Poppins. Then we’ll take the boat to MK for the day. Perhaps head back to the resort around 7:00 to swim and watch the fireworks from the Poly beach. Oh, and we need to buy Pal Mickey this day - worth the $65?!?!

Thursday March 16: Possible breakfast at Kona Cafe for Tonga Toast. I have heard good things about TT! Head to MGM since my DD loves ToT!

Friday March 17: EPCOT for the day. ADR at 1:00 for Garden Grill character lunch. We love this place! They long range weather forecast shows wind & rain for this day. I hope it doesn’t rain constantly!!

Saturday Mach 18: Animal Kingdom day. No set plans for dining, but we’ll probably do the Tusker House.

Sunday March 19: MK again! We’ll probably swim in the morning first because we plan to stay late at MK because of the extra hours of Magic. We have 6:30 ADR at CRT. Can’t wait for this! We’ll watch Spectro Magic and the Fireworks this night from the park.

Monday March 20: MGM again. We never seem to spend enough time at MGM so we are doing two days here (2 days at MGM and 2 days at MK). Extra Hour of Magic here this day, so we’ll catch Fantasmic this day.

Tuesday March 21: We fly out at 10:30, so that will give us plenty of time to find a place to HIDE so we NEVER HAVE TO LEAVE!!! :laugh:

That’s my rough plan. Any suggestions?! I hope this thread doesn’t bore, but I love reading about planning and I hope you do too!!


Your ROUGH plan looks great… I am so excited for you but sad for me.
We don’t leave until September - Let me know how dinner @ CRT is… planning on doing that.


Your plans look great! You are so lucky to be so close, I can’t wait to hear about your trip when you get back.


Good plans. The Pal Mickey is $65.00 now???


Great plan!!! I loved reading it! :c)

I don’t know about the Pal Mickey thing - people have mixed reviews.

I can get the old version for 13.99 at my local Disney Store…so 65 dollars seems steep.


Yay for you!!! Looks like you’ve got a great start :slight_smile:

Have a great time!!


Looks great! You’re going to have a blast!

Maybe do Tusker House for lunch on your AK day, and then head over to Boma at AKL for dinner?


YES! I have heard good things about AKL and Boma. We plan on being at AK early, so by dinner we may be ready for an atmosphere change.

Is it a bus ride from AK to AKL?


Sounds great - I’m so jealous!!! You will love the Poly. Where are you planning to eat at MGM??? Have a great trip. :wink:


Wow, ONE WEEK?!?!? LUCKY!! :happy: Sounds like you’ve REALLY thought EVERYTHING out. Have a grand time!:biggrin:


No wayyyyyyyy!

Loved reading your plans. They sound great!!
Have Fun!!


Great plans!!! Hope you have an AWESOME trip!!
Congrats on getting your dream resort! I’d love to stay there one day! :heart:


Pal Mickey???


If your the first person to buy a Pal Mickey that day, they will take a picture of you!


I want pal mickey but not for $65.00 How can we get them at Disney store for $13.99


No joke?! Cool. Another picture to put in the SCRAPBOOK!!! Now I’m getting it for sure :laugh:


We are kinda playing MGM by ear (Mickey’s, of course) that day. I was hoping for the ever-so-speculated Toy Story Character meal!! But now we don’t know what we are doing!!! We have always done counter service at MGM, and we need to try something new! I’ll read some reviews here at DC. I haven’t had a problem with making ADR’s - the restaurant’s schedules are WIDE open. Maybe this is indicative of crowd levels the week we are there?


Pal Mickey is a plush toy Mickey that acts as an interactive tour guide. He talks to you and tells you all about the parks - ride wait times, parade/firework schedules, tips, Disney History, joke and games (probably more). I’m a techno junky and my kids love plush toys, so this is a logical choice for us! Here’s the WDW link to read about him:



Yes? Oh not me, sorry! lol

I have two of them the first one and the 50th anniversary one. Just a FYI they have also finally came out with the clothing. You can purchase a raincoat set, a pin trading outfit, a Mickey Mouse Club outfit and a safari outfit. :mickey:

Here’s his safari outfit.


Here is his Mickey Mouse Club outfit.