Wanted: 13 points 5/12 for AKL


Wanted: 13 points 5/12 for AKL OR 26 points for 5/11 and 5/12
Please PM me with details!
Thank you! :wink:


If you can’t find anyone with points (I’m always points poor, and borrowing from next year!) you may want to check into David’s rental. Always hear great things about them.




Triple post!


Thanks! I will try. Just thought I would check here first… boy it is quiet around here nowadays isn’t it? ;( Sad…


You can also check out DVC-rental.com

Have not met him in person yet, but chatted with Scott online a few times and he seems like a good chap.

Good luck with getting your reservation.

We are also always short of points and borrowing from next year :redface: