Wanted: Dec 2013 Points for 3 BLT standard studios


Our family is trying to heal through the difficult process of trying to continue after losing my father on Feb 9. We were planning a Disney trip in the process. He LOVED family vacations. Money is tight but will speak to anyone willing to rent us their points. I know its 2 years in the future but would like the hope that our family vacations could continue. I have rented in the past 3 times so I can provide references if needed.

If possible, would also consider a 2 bedroom BLT standard and one studio. But its dependent upon the owner. Also will consider other resorts especially AKV Kidani. Ill be honest. It really depends on the point price. We will just need enough space for 10-11 adults and 3 kids under 3 years old.

Please contact me at my email bethpremier@hotmail.com or PM me.

We miss our dad so much and would like this opportunity for his only grandson at the time also.

Love my family. Please let me know if you can help. Will be happy to speak to anyone over the phone regarding our needs.

Our immediate family: http://i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll63/BethPremier/Wallace%20Family/DSC_0393.jpg



Beth -

Welcome to Mousebuzz. I am sorry about the loss of your father. We lost three Grandparents in nine months a few years back and the healing is still a work in progress.

I do not own at DVC, but I am sure someone on here has points to rent. You picked a good site to ask on. Please be careful of you who deal with on other sites if you are posting this in multiple places. I feel better knowing you are renting here if someone can fill your needs. Depending on the time of year you are thinking of, you may be able to get the same satisfaction and magic by getting two family suites at either Art of Animation or All Star music. It’s something to consider if you are unable to rent. I am going to stay at Art of Animation for the first time in August and would be happy to provide you with feedback. The family suites sleep 6 people, have a master bedroom, two bathrooms and a kitchen area with a microwave and fridge.



Such a sweet message. Thank you so much. To be very honest with you, Ive been scrolling this board for the past 3 hours and I feel so much more comfortable here than anywhere else. Ive spent alot of time at disboards.com but there is just so much junk on there. Everyone is always fighting. You guys feel more like a family here.

Thank you also for your condolences. I cant imagine losing three people close to me at one time. How did you cope?

I would absolutely love to hear about your review of the art of animation resort. What a great idea!


Welcome to Mousebuzz!

How many days are you looking for in your stay, and when in Dec?


Welcome to MB. have fun.


Thanks guys!

Here are my potential dates: Dec 1-9 2013. Sunday-Monday (checkout)

3 studios point value: 306

Thanks for the welcome Boss Mouse!


Welcome to MB. You found the right place if you are a Disney nut like the rest of us.