Wanted: DVC points for Beach Club Villas


I’m discovering how difficult it is to get into the Beach Club Villas w/o being a DVC member. Nothing is available for our dates and pricing was just released today. So, I’m in need of points but I’m not sure how they work. We’re going in Jan 2009 for 7 nights and will need a 2 BR villa for our family of 7. Any help would be much appreciated! Otherwise, we’re considering the Wilderness Lodge Villas or Boardwalk Villas. TIA!


Do you mean you tried to book a 2 bedroom through Disney and couldn’t get one? Keep checking because these rooms are different from regular resorts. DVC rooms become available to book only when a DVC member trades out of DVC.

At this point any DVC member can book at BCV because you are less than 7 months out.


I don’t have that many points to spare but here is a MB newbie that does that might work for you…



Thanks! We went ahead and booked at Boardwalk. I’ll definitely keep checking back though to see if a 2BR becomes available at BCV!


YAY!!! Did you rent points? You will love it!!!