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Not sure if anyone seen this link yet, but its a little hint about a char. that might be in TOY STORY 3
Toy Story 3 Star Cameo in Up! Have we found it? | The Movie Blog


Interesting! Now lets see if it come true? :laugh:

I can’t wait until Toy Story 3!! :wub:


I don’t know, the teddy bear is technically NEXT to the bed, not under it. I’ll guess we’ll see. Either way, we’re definitely looking forward to the movie!:wub:


Oh gosh, we can’t wait either. We were ecstatic when we saw the poster for Toy Story 3 in the animations studios back in March! June 2010!!!


I def. can’t wait, i wish they would do an incrediables 2…they gave an ending that made it look like they would, don’tcha think?


Oh yes, I think they definitely left the door open for a sequel!


I’ve been trying to search on line for some hint but no luck so far:pinch:


I’ve been trying to search on line for some hint but no luck so far:pinch:[/QUOTE]

I know, I keep looking too. I did see somewhere there was a Cars sequel planned, but there was not alot of information about it.


Pixar is just amazing. I’d like to see an Incredibles sequel, too…and I wouldn’t give up hope on it just yet - Toy Story 3 is coming out 11 years after Toy Story 2, after all! I don’t know of any other movie-making outfit that could keep audiences’ interest in a storyline after more than 10 years. That speaks volumes about the quality of their stuff.


This is all i can find about The Incredibles Jim Hilll : ?Incredibles? sequel is stalled until Bird can get ?1906? off the ground


Hmmm. Interesting. I never paid attention to the characters/cameos that are continuous.


Absolutely! I’m hoping for this too!!


It will be interesting to see if this actually happens.


Star Wars. Star Trek. Indiana Jones. (not sure about that last one. one…:laugh:)