Wanted: Trip Reports - Stat!


It seems to me that there quite a few Mousebuzzers vacationing this summer and I have only seen a few trip reports. I NEED reports:angry:

I have 48 days left and I need some Disney Crack :laugh: I am jonesin’ and I need a fix. For those of you that have went recently, gimme some love and write a TR. I will be waiting ever so patiently. :wacko:


I completely agree with the above!!!


I plan on doing one, but came home with a very sick boy!! Hopefully he will be better soon and I can get started!!:mickey:


I wrote mine, so I’ll just sit here smugly and sit in judgement of the slackers. :angel: :laugh:


Okay, you get a pass. Hope he is feeling better soon.


I agree…make sure the TR’s are full of pictures too…:flowers:


Going to start a Pre-Trip report today (I’ve run of out things to do :whistling, suitcases packed, window decorations made, pseudo itinerary made, e-tickets printed) we leave Thursday and will promise to do my trip report as soon as porrible from the day we get back Sept 2. Sooooo excited!!! :mickey:


Ditto :laugh::laugh::laugh:


Heeheee… Cyndi, your avatar made me giggle. :laugh:


Andrea, that’s about how I feel right now lol