Wanting to sell some DVC points


I have 181 points to sell.

111 have to be used by January 30, 2008. 70 have to be used by Aug. 2008.

Just PM me if you are interested.

Thanks Shirley


pm’ing you…


Still selling 181 points. Anyone interested?


I may be interested in the rest of your points. I’ll PM you tonight when I have more time.


Curious. Never rented points before. I would want to check availability prior to purchase, cause we only want to stay at AKV. Is there a way to check availability without being a DVC member? And, if there is an opening, does DVC hold it for you until the rental transaction is complete?


sjpurple will be able to check availability for you, as she will need to make your reservation for you too. DVC will not “hold” a room…it’s either book it or take a chance of losing it type of thing. When are you planning to go??


Hoping to use for Jan 1st to the 6th. Just got to get all info put together before “suggesting” to DH its time to go back!


Just bumping this up.
Still have 181 points to rent.


I know Dana was looking, I hope she sees this. Maybe you can PM her?


Can you let me know how much you are asking for these points? I don’t know how to PM.

Thank you!


Dana was looking for some points…I hope she sees this thread!!


Dana’s got her points :wink:


Awee!! Yay!!!

Ok…well then…um…bump for sjpurple!!
I wish I could use them!


PM’ing you…


Hey coach. Welcome to mouse buzz


I am selling them for $10 a point.


I pm’d you.