Wanting to try something new, which would you choose?


So for our June trip we want to try 1 or 2 new restuarants. The ones we have it narrowed down to are:

Kona Cafe
Coral Reef
Rose & Crown
Mama Melrose
Yak & Yeti

Which would be your top choice and your second choice?


#1 Kona Cafe
#2 Coral Reef

We are planning Yak & Yeti for our November trip.

We weren’t impressed with either Rose & Crown or Mama Melrose. The food was perfectly fine with Mama Melrose - it was the only truly bad service we’d had at Disney. :wacko:


Kona Cafe
Yak & Yeti

We love Kona for breakfast and we really liked Yak & Yeti.


Rose and Crown


Rose and Crown (Schedule it for about 45 minutes before the start of Illuminations.) They have great food and awesome service!

Plaza. Lighter fare but one of the best grilled chicken sandwiches anywhere.


[QUOTE=llama;1088165]Kona Cafe
Yak & Yeti

We love Kona for breakfast and we really liked Yak & Yeti.[/QUOTE]

I second this…

Yak & Yeti is fantastic. We have never had a bad meal or bad service there… And the options are wonderful!

Kona for breakfast is very popular as well so make sure to get an ADR if you go. I have walked into Yak & Yeti many many times but we have also had a 30 minute wait a time or two as well. They have plenty of seating available and if there are empty seats at the bar, you can always pull up a bar stool and eat there as well. BUT, make an ADR just to be on the safe side if you do choose to try this place out.

Coral Reef was a BIG disappointment. The service was terrible, the food was okay and the prices were outrageous, even by Disney standards. If you MUST go, I would recommend going for an appetizer and a drink, or desert only. The Aquarium is not THAT impressive to be paying that kind of money for lunch or dinner, especially for average fare.

Rose & Crown is pretty good as well but I don’t find myself needing to go back anytime soon. We had a great meal there but the service failed us in the end.

Mama Melrose is just eh and the Plaza is the Plaza. I like the Plaza better than Tony’s but if you’re looking to try 2 new places, then go with Kona and Yak & Yeti…


No - Coral Reef & Plaza

I would go Mama Melrose (been once and we like it) and Yak and Yeti (just be careful what you order casue it can get “spicy”)


We’ve eaten at all of these restaurants except Plaza, my choices would be:
Kona Cafe
Yak & Yeti
Rose & Crown
Mama Melrose

I agree with Dadofthree I wouldn’t eat at Coral Reef.

Plaza - no opinion about this restaurant.


Of your list we’ve only been to the Plaza, and it was the only restaurant of the 8 we dined at that year that we didn’t like much. Can’t tell you why, but there just wasn’t anything special about it.


Food Based:

Kona Cafe
Yak and Yeti
Coral Reef

Y&Y is in the vein of Rainforest (corporate sibling) but with an east Asia-ish menu. (Eaten there many times, try it)
Coral Reef’s menu used to be so much better and diverse. The fish tank is the big draw.

Scenery based:

Coral Reef
(tie) Yak and Yeti/Kona Cafe

Coral Reef trumps all else with the aquarium.
Y&Y gets points for being inside AK and within sight of Everest.
Kona gets points for being in the Poly and the choice to arrive via monorail or launch, plus it’s inside the Great Ceremonial House.

Rose and Crown is lame and Plaza is pedestrian.
Haven’t really cared to try Mama’s (so far).

Again, check All Ears for Coral Reef’s menu and see if you even care for it.
Keep in mind, over the years, Coral Reef has been getting over more and more on the view, but they are still capable of turning out a good meal.


Kona for sure…good food great atmosphere.

  1. Kona Cafe
  2. Rose & Crown

Love the food & atmosphere at both these restaurants - Kona because you get to wander the Poly or go resort hopping, Rose & Crown for the lagoon view and the friendly staff.

Coral Reef missed my top two because I thought the food was very expensive for the quantity you receive. However, it’s definitely something to try at least once for the scenery alone!


[QUOTE=llama;1088165]Kona Cafe
Yak & Yeti

We love Kona for breakfast and we really liked Yak & Yeti.[/QUOTE]

that’s my vote!


Rose and Crown

Yep, my choice!!


Thanks for your help! That helps me narrow it down to 3 and I’ll the family pick between those! Kona Cafe, Yak & Yeti, and Rose & Crown are the 3.


Forget Rose and Crown.
If you’re interested in good viewing for Illuminations, check out the view from the bridge. Stay closer to England.


I have not tried any, but Kona is the one I want to try next out of your list.


Love Yak and Yeti and Kona


Kona Cafe is a must for us each trip. The Tonga Toast is a brunch delight.

Rose & Crown is a nice atmosphere, we do enjoy the fish & chips and the sheperd’s pie.

We had our worst dining experience at Coral Reef and you could not drag my DW back there.



Funny how everyone is so different. So many didn’t like Coral Reef. We went at last reservation of the night so is was not too crowded. We both like the fish of the day so much I asked the chef for the recipe for the sauce. We’re going again in Nov.