Spoiler Alert

In case you were wond’rin’ and hadn’t seen it before - this is a clip inside Space Mountain with the lights on :ohmy:

YouTube - Disneyland Space Mountian With the Lights On


Very cool. I see you have been very busy today. Thanks for sharing with the class.

Got anything else you need to share??:whistling :laugh:


Riding Space Mountain with the lights on FREAKED ME OUT. :blink: :ohmy: Man I’ve ridden some huge coasters, but riding that little thing, all crammed into one building, you think that track is going to dismember you in a hundred different places. :pinch:

It was fun though…:happy:


I think I want the lights to stay out!!:laugh:


That ride freaks me out in the dark…I don’t think I’d like to see it with lights on. blech. They need to make it a lot smoother…it hurts!


What do you know?:ph34r:


We saw it light on TA once. We took pic’s.


weird!!! I rode through SM on the TTA when the lights were one once and it was so strange looking!! Like that dude in the video says…it looses some of the magic doesn’t it?!?


She knows nothing. Just tryin’ to get me in trouble - as usual :closedeye


Of course it does. This is definitely a case of TMI.


Hmm…I dunno about that…:closedeye


My DH had seen it with the lights on years ago when he was a CM (hard to believe). We continually remind our rather tall DS’s to keep thier hands down as a result. Of course they just thought we weren’t cool until we explained. I don’t want to see it in real life though, I don’t think I could ride it again if I did.


Wha?? Who me? Get you in trouble?

I know lots of things.:wink:


zip it Toots :ph34r:


Oh now I really want to know!!!:closedeye


I have seen it before, but still think it’s cool to see. Thanks for posting it.:heart:


This exact same thing happened to us just a few weeks ago. My 9 yo DS has been on it once and he thought it was so cool to see it with the lights on. He wanted to ride TTA again about 20 min. later so that he could see it again, but by that time it was already dark and loading riders again. It’s amazing how fast they can get those rides back up and running sometimes!


On our first trip with the boys, my oldest (then 8) wouldn’t ride it the first day because it was dark and he didn’t like not being able to see what was going on. When we went back the next day, my mom took him on the TTA while the rest of us were in line for SM. It turns out that when the TTA was going through SM, the lights were on. By the time we got through with the ride and caught up with them, he was ready to try it because he had seen what it looked like.
Thanks for sharing the video. I will remember to keep my hands down in March :laugh: