I just found out that I am going to WDW from 1/6 - 1/8 for a General Manager’s convention for Advance Auto Parts. The company will be taking over CSR from 1/3 - 1/8. We are talking thousands of Auto Parts people at one resort…sorry in advance…lol


That’s awesome!! Have fun planning.


Lucky you!! Hope you can have some fun!!


You must be SO excited!!!


Yay, the mini trip before the trip. Will they give you some time to go to the parks or is it all “work”?


How much free time will you have?

Sorry Dopey, I only read your first sentence.


Thanks for the warning. My brother just e-mailed me this morning asking for help planning their trip on those same exact dates. He said he wanted to stay at a moderate. So, with your warning, I know to avoid CSR.

Isn’t that a wonderful perk! Glad you are able to go, and hopefully will have some time for play, rather than all work.


[QUOTE=jo-jo;1003361]How much free time will you have?

Sorry Dopey, I only read your first sentence.[/QUOTE]

happens to the best of us :closedeye


are you responsible for planning the training for your company??? If I was, I would plan a training there… It will be fun… Have a good trip!


Oh lord… will they be in the parks to? Anyway have fun. :laugh:


You will LOVE CSR!!!

We were JUST there this weekend and the refurb is AWESOME!!! The rooms are dark woods with white and icy blue accents.

Queen size pillowtops with fluffy duvets and pillows - heavenly!!

Flat screen TVs, it was the best refurb I’ve seen!! :wub:

Have a FUN trip!! :heart:


Hey, Can you bring me an air filter?


Dana, you lucky girl. Have a great time on your ‘business’ trip.


Wow… hope they are smart enoguh to ask you for advice on planning the trip! Have a wonderful time!


It’s corporate planning…most of these people only know me by my employee number…lol They wouldn’t even know to ask me.

It’s going to be mostly business. I think if there is any park time, it will be me sneaking out to go…lol We don’t even have a plan yet…we didn’t get our plan for the last convention until a week or more before, so it’s going to make it tough to plan when and how I am going to sneak to the parks. I know we will have down time. We had plenty in Nashville last year and that was for a day less then this trip. Yeah, there is word of how they block off City walk for us…I’ll skip it.


well…you wil lget some down time…choose wisely…and look at it this way the price is right


well look at it this way …the price is right…and when planning down time …choose wisely


Heck yeah the price is right. FREE is ME baby! Park tickets will not be included in our adventure, but I will glady pay a day’s admission to get my WDW fix. I will have to pick a park where I feel I will be able to spend the most time and that will probally be Magic Kingdom…or maybe HS…or Epcot… wow! I have some thinking to do.:laugh:


strange my previous post failed to post and then it did…sorry…


Well all I can say is try to have a good time.