Was early December 2005 busy



We visited WDW in the first two weeks of December last year, because most websites and guides advised that this is one of the quietest times of the year. We found the place to be heaving, with long waits for rides and attractions. When we visted the Osborne lights at MGM we could hardly move for people.

Does anyone know if 2005 was busier than usual or was that normal for early December.

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Pete :confused:


The only place that I thought it was overly crowded was the lights over in MGM.


We went in December of 2004… and the only time that I thought the crowds were unacceptable were at MVMCP… But other than that we had very little waits if any… However, Osborne Lights were very very crowded… literally shoulder to shoulder as you walked threw…

Hope someone has better information for you… just thought I would pass on our experience from 2004


Hey, Pete! Welcome to DC!!!

We were there December 9-12, 2005 and didn’t find it to be too packed. Our usual visits in May and October are often much more crowded. However, we didn’t make it over to see the Osborne lights :frowning: so I can’t attest to that being more crowded than I expected or not. I did notice that restaurants were pretty full, though–I was glad we had our ADRs!!


Welcome to DC!! We were there the first week of December, and it was a little more crowed than in past years (but not much more). Things like Osborn lights do pack them in.

We have noticed that the last few years the crowds are getting bigger and bigger more people taking their kids out of school, more people on holiday from Europe, and more people like us (no kids) going at that time of year. It still beats the school vacation weeks and summer in WDW!!


Ditto! :cool:


I think you’ve put your finger on it there… The first time we came over was in the year following 9/11 at Easter. We expected big big crowds but it wasn’t too bad at all.

Since then no matter what time of year we travel the crowds seem to be getting bigger.

Thanks for the replies


If you really want a quiet time, try going in January! ;c)


me too Erin:mickey:


We were there in Dec. '04 & '05, and found the crowds smaller in '05. At least at MK. But we did find Osborne Lights were very crowded both years.