Was looking forward to _____ Restaurant but


Saw this question on another site and thought it was interesting.

I was really looking forward to ________Restaurant but was disappointed.

For me it was LeCellier. The atmosphere seems like it should be a quiet, romantic restaurant but of course at Disney, it’s not. Lots of noise and kids. My son was really looking forward to the steak and he didn’t think it was anything special.
Anyone else disappointed in a restaurant they were really looking forward to?


The Chef’s France’s was very disappointing for dinner. The onion soup was not up to standard for us. We did enjoy the lunch there. We had the Special which for us is the Lobster Bisque, The Classic grilled ham and cheese with salad and then the Creme Brulee.


Years ago… California Grill. Supposed to be all that, but I found the decor dated, the waitstaff staff both condescending AND not very good, and the food was just okay.


Coral Reef - this was years ago, waited forever for a table even though there were several in front of the tank, food was marginal at best, and the staff was less the friendly. We have not been back since.


We always loved Coral Reef. Their Seasonal Catch had a great sauce that I really liked. I noticed they changed their recipe for the Seasonal catch so that is a little disappointing but we’ll probably go again and try something else. The one thing I do find annoying with Coral Reef is the noise level. It always seems very noisy, maybe it has something to do with all the glass.


'Ohana breakfast. I had read on here how so many people love 'Ohana. However, I think the dinner must be better than breakfast. Because breakfast is standard fare - nothing really special - and IMO only worth doing if you’re a Lilo & Stitch fan.


Coral Reef and California Grill come to mind. Neither impressed us. California Grill was pretentious without the food to back it up and Coral Reef was ridiculously expensive for quality of food offered.


LeCellier was mine. Always had troubles booking it, and then finally got an ADR for our Anniversary dinner. Talk about squashed like sardines! Made me very uncomfortable. Then I forgot to tell dh this was a Signature dining restaurant. When they served his plate, he leaned over to me and said “Where’s the rest of the food?” Let’s just say, three bites later and an empty plate, he was asking for more bread. Then when the bill came, we just looked at each other and said in stereo, never again.


crystal palace. the food was cold and awful.


This thread is a bit of an eye opener. Several of those named here are acutally my favorites and DisneyKid had a good experiance in one I really was bummed by. Just goes to show how important the staff and chef is to your experiance.



Tusker house everything tasted the same.only thing we liked was the desert


Cinderellas royal table dinner. Fancy food that tasted sub par


Chef’s the first time we ate there. (Much better the last two times)
CRT for breakfast in 2002. (Dinner in 2004 was much better, but that menu is long gone!)
Le Cellier has been a letdown since the dinning plan made it so popular.
Except for a big hiccup the first time at California Grill, we’ve always found it excellent and is a favorite of mine.
Tusker House the first time we had breakfast there and they couldn’t or wouldn’t make me an omelet to order. But they do now, if you ask nicely.
The first time at Flying Fish stands out as underperforming, but I’m wondering how much it has to do with my not liking the calamari because it wasn’t deep fried. Again, since, this is another favorite.

I think that’s it for now.


A few years ago at Mama Melrose. Service was great. Food was bad. We didn’t like anything we had. We haven’t been back since.


And I’m not going back to Coral Reef until they have a proper seafood restaurant menu with lobster and fried shellfish!


Kouzzina is by far the worse place we have eaten. We were a party of 5 and no one enjoyed it.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1134343]And I’m not going back to Coral Reef until they have a proper seafood restaurant menu with lobster and fried shellfish![/QUOTE


2 years ago Chrystal Palace made my husband very sick. We will not be back. Food was tasteless and he was the only one to eat the fish so that might of been it. Corral Reef was bad years ago when I was young and my parents refuse to go back. Will not eat turkey legs, never will


We had breakfast at Kouzzina last year. It wasn’t bad at all and service was good, perhaps because they weren’t very busy at the time.
Crystal Palace: I don’t get it. Complaints about cold food when I know they have everything under lamps and frequently bring out fresh refills of the items. And the salmon at CP is usually very good.
Timing. Yeah, that’s it.


Over the years I have had good and bad meals at most of the restaurants mentioned. Timing is everything.
The one that came to mind as soon as I read the first post was LeCellier.
I was not impressed at all.