Wasted post to get my countdown timer!


I want my countdown time because we are SOOOOOO excited to go, so PLEASE forgive me, I am going to cheat and get my 36 posts.


35 more posts to go.


34 more posts to go.


33 more posts to go.


32 more posts to go.


31 more posts to go.


30 more posts to go.


Crap, doesn’t seem to be working… lol.


I Like your thinking, I’ve been counting down till I get my countdown counter. Under 10 to go for me I think. Good luck


It isn’t working… lol. None of my posts show up on my total posts on here. I guess you can’t post on your own post to game the system. LOL. Great pic on your avatar by the way!


That is a no-no here. Sorry but you need to stop. Besides, you’ll have to have been here 3 months before that comes into play


Posts don’t show/count in the games forum


so how does the countdown thing work?


Anyone wanting the Count Down needs to have 100 legit posts and be a MouseBuzzer user for 3 months. I had my 100 posts and still had to wait a month…


Yeah, I found this out, I asked them to take this down… LOL.


Hey you got there anyway!! Now just gotta wait for the calendar to run out!


I thought this thread was sent away. Don’t want to get this practice started.