Watch your points - reservation glitz put points in holding


Had an interesting thing happen to me that is worth watching your points.

I had two rooms reserved for Dec trip, same dates, same place, different guests - me and friends.

When it was booked 11 months back, there was a reservation number for both units but they were linked. Remember the reservation system update - two numbers became 1. No problem.

Go to transfer points to another member and am shocked to find that they reported 90 points were in holding and couldn’t be used. Well I am ALWAYS really careful to not have anything go into holding.

CM reseraches and says, you rebooked a studio on Sat 12/3. No I didn’t I informed her. We look into in further and she tells me that the system splits the one reservation into two (like it was to start with) and it’s SUPPOSED to use the same points. [I][B] IT DIDN’T.[/B][/I] Apparently, the system put the points used into holding but then took different points instead of the points that the system put into holding!!!

[B]So…if you have or had multiple units booked under one number watch out. You may have points in holding and not know it.[/B]


I’m glad you got it all fixed! And thank you for the heads up, I will be watching VERY closely!!


Just before we went on our trip, I had tried to check in online. But it had our waitlist at BCV chopped up. It was asking when we were checking in and out each day and room request for each day. So I called up MS and they rebooked it as one 5 day reservation. However for some reason, when the CM starting saying “you have 57 points at BLT and 92 points at SSR and 14 points in holding”…What? where did holding points come from??? It seems when he rebooked it, some points went into holding. He checked with somebody and it would be fixed, but it would take a few days. I did checked when we got home and it was fixed, but what if I hadn’t noticed??