Watching College Football in the World


Does anyone know where my DH can watch some college football games while we are at Disney? We are going to miss 2 Ohio State games and I know he will want to watch. I thought about ESPN zone, but I know one game is on the Big Ten network and I didn’t know if they carried it there. Any help at all would be appreciated!


His best bet will be the ESPN zone. They have the most games on.


They have a thousand games showing on a zillion TVs all around the room! At least it seemed like that… in fact, there seemed to be more TVs every time we had a beer! LOL


I would have to say ESPN Zone too. DH is already plotting how he can find out how his Fantasy Football team is doing. :rolleyes:


Yeah, we are going to be in that situation too. We are both in a league together and I am in the mousebuzz league too. I guess you guys will find us Saturday and Sunday at the ESPN zone! LOL


We will be there around 4:00 for the Browns game on Sunday. Look for us…DH will be wearing his Bears hat, even though he is a diehard Browns fan.


We will look for you if we are over there. My DH is a Browns fan too.


I dont know if you will have transportation, but the Ale House on 535-- just a few mins from DTD will be showing tons of games and will have cheap specials. ESPN club gets pretty expensive!


Well, you know, if you don’t want to totally mess up your day this Saturday, you may just want to skip this first game…since SC is going to hammer the Buckeyes! :laugh::laugh::laugh:


Luckily we are still at home this weekend and not at the World. I think the game is going to be closer than what people think, but what do I know? Some people around hear think Tressel is trying to fake out USC by saying Beanie won’t play and then he will. We will just have to wait and see. Either way, I will still be a Buckeye fan!