Water bottle straps?


I’ve heard about the water bottle straps you can buy in the parks. Our first day will be at Epcot, where can you buy them? We’ll be eating in the Polynesian the night before, can you buy them there? Do they just attach to a regular bottle of water, ala Evian? How much are they? I’m trying to decide if I should buy something here before we leave or not. Thanks!


The straps are available everywhere they sell bottles of water. Check in the gift shop at your resort. Yes, they attach to any bottle that has a lip. At first I thought they were just another gimic to make money, but after my aunt bought one, well, I changed my mind. In 2002 they were about $4. They are nice, keep your hands free. Somewhere I have seen directions to make your own but I haven’t been able to track them down yet.


we have some we bought years ago,and use on every trip. almost any cart that sells bottle drinks sells the straps.


We have 2 of these from AK and they are sooo nice…they are worth the $$.


They are worth the money. We use them now at the kids sporting events. And like they said before - you can find them most anywhere you look.


oh and they even work for the large mouth bottles … at least the WDW bottle straps do … because Barbie likes gator aid and she uses hers with her gator aid bottles


I actually prefer the kind that you can buy at Sports stores that clip onto your belt. I find that the long strap can cause the bottle to “bounce” when you walk which can get annoying after a long time. Either way make sure you drink lots of water!


those water bottle straps come in very handy!! during our last trip in june 2003, we were in MGM when i got my fantasmic strap. ever since then, i had that baby with me, no matter where in the “world” we went. i don’t like carrying things around when i’m at an amusement park, especially beverages. the bottle straps are a great idea. get yourself one and see how much freedom you have with the strap. you don’t ever have to worry about losing your bottle of water or whatever beverage you get because it’s strapped to you.


I have an Epcot one, and love it!!! The Epcot one has all the Flags from the International Gateway on it. I believe MK has the characters, and im not sure about MGM or AK.


i have one from 100 Y.O.M. and I’m keeping it so I can sell it on e-bay in 20 years!!! LOL!!! just kidding…I have one and it works great.


AK’s is green and has animals on it.


I finally bought one at Epcot the last time I went. It is a wonderful thing to have. I use it on my wide water bottle and it works great!!!


Each park has its own colorful strap, though I think Animal Kingdom has the nicest one.

DW and I have insulated water bottles (the kind cyclists attach to their bikes – I think Polar is the brand. You can find them at bicycle specialty shops) that we fill with ice and water. The straps will work with these bottles, too, and the insulation keeps the water cold for quite awhile.


We still have our straps we bought way back in the early 90’s.(the good old red & black mickeys)… Still use them every year.

As far as where to buy them. They are everywhere in the parks, but I can’t say I’ve seen them in any of the resort shops.


Will these stretch enough to work with the Brita filtered-bottles?? Thanks! :smile:


Has anyone used a camelback (backpack with built in water bladder)? And our they allowed in WDW?


I think they should fit a Brita bottle…


yes the camelbacks are allowed and yes the bottle straps will fit a brita bottle


I love mine. I use them whenever we go somewhere where we have to do some walking around. I think we paid 6 or 7 dollars last year, I don’t recall exactly.


:flowers: Thanks Guys!