Water bottles question?


Does anyone know of a good water bottle that we can buy to take to Disney. I am looking for one that can clip on your belt loop or hang around your neck. I am looking for something that is not to expensive. Something between 5 and 10 dollars.


We got a set from Costco pretty cheap. That was years ago and we still use them each trip…

… like our refillable mugs from 1978 …hahahahahahahhahahaha I love Fridays …


We got great one at the disney store


The parks actually sell the necklace things that go on the water bottles and they also sell ones that can hook on your belt or bag- then all you need is just the bottle to put in it.


Our local Dollar Tree has aluminum water bottles in different colors. :blush:


I got about 5 aluminum bottles w/ carbiner clips on them at the Disney Store for $5 each. Toy Story, Jack Skellington, Muppets, Minnie, and a Mickey. They work great for everyday and are super light when empty.

Disney The Lion King: The Broadway Musical Aluminum Water Bottle | Disney Store

They were on sale when we bought them, but normal price is about $10, but they’d be super cute, and easier to figure out who owns which one. Target has some, but they are about the same price for a solid colored one.