Water park mugs


I was wondering what kind of mugs are available at the water parks refillable for your whole stay at the waterpark or just that day we plan on going about 4 days to the waterparks.


The water park mugs are a little different than resort mug in that you can bring it back at any point and buy a new sticker of the day for it. I think new stickers are $6, I’m not sure about the cost of the mug but I’m sure it’s close to $12. If you visit the water parks two days of your trip you only need to buy a new sticker the second day. We babe used the same water park mug for years and I think the same lady has sold us every sticker on our mug.


Or you can just take and old mug and use it. …

(kidding - I’m kidding)


Thanks for the info.