Water Park options


Was wondering how everyone felt about adding the Water Park option to your MYW package. We’ll be staying at BC for 10 days. I think DD will totally love the pool at BC, but we did want to try a water park for at least 1 day. We’ve never been to the water parks but DD6 is a pretty good swimmer and LOVES water slides and water rides. If we are only going 1 day does it just make sense to pay for a 1 day water park admission or is it better to add it on as the option on the MYW package?


I don’t know about the pricing, but just wanted to say you’ll love the water parks. My personal favorite is TL. The themeing is so great.


10 days? You’ll definitely want the waterpark option. That’s enough time to easily fit in both water parks. They’re great to get out of the heat, have fun adventures, or just float around the park and destress after hectic days in the park.

So I bet you’ll find a reason to visit waterparks more than once. I would say go for it, but that’s just me. If it was a shorter trip, 1 day tickets would probably be a better option.


I would do it also, I don’t think it’s to expensive and dd had a blast at BB. DisneyQuest was cute also!


If I were you, I would price the package with and without the waterpark then decide.

Remember, Beach Club shares a pool area with YC that is so popular guests from other WDW try to sneak in - but they get stopped at the gate.


If I remember correctly when I ran the numbers for a one day pass for my family it came out more than adding the option. We addded the option and had a great time, you’ll love either water park.


Add it, that way you are free to go to the other water park, or you can go again. 10 days gives you a lots of time to experience the water parks at least once, if not twice. Your DD will love it!

I personally prefer BB over TL, but that’s just my opinion.