Water Park Questions


I live in Florida, and we currently have a vacation planned (with my parents) in Daytona Beach for this fall (October)…I thought it would be alot of fun to go down to one of the Disney Water Parks for the day. (We are going to Disney for a few days in Feb of 05).

I have 2 children DS-9 and DD-7, plus a baby who will stay with Grandma and Grandpa if we go. I am leaning towards BB, but wondered if anyone had any advice?

Will the water parks even be open in Oct? The Disney site says yes, but I know how things are…

Do FL residents ever get discouted tickets?

IF the parks are open, should I expect big crowds and long lines? (Oct.7th would be the day I’d like to go)

Any extra info such as tips and ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks so much!



I personally liked Blizzard beach better, just because it was better themed and seemed to have more to do.


:blink: I have been to both water parks. Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon and I would prefer typhoon lagoon over blizzard beach anyday. Typhoon Lagoon has a great wave pool. Summit Plummet is awesome and I also enjoyed the Shark reef where you and your childern can snorkel. THat was awesome! Both of the parks will be open. Starting Oct. 18 or 19 somewhere around there blizzard beach will close. They alternate ever year during the off season. THe water is heated during the off season. But, it’s typhoon lagoon for me. I hope I helped.

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caribbean beach march 2003

port orleans riverside feb. 2004

wilderness lodge october 2005 :redface:


I tried Blizzard Beach once, and since light colors in sunlight tend to blind me, I had to leave. But with night eyes, I just couldnt take all of that white.


We too went to both water parks, in May of this year. Both my DH and DS liked Typhoon Lagoon more. I thought Blizzard Beach was themed better. My DS is 8 and was able to go on every water ride they had, I actually went on all of them too. Blizzard Beach, myself and my DH would not go down the two huge body slides…looked way too scary. We kept hearing people complain of their back when they came off the one body slide.

We actually went to both parks twice during our visit and had a blast all days.

Oh, and the crowds were not bad at all in May so I think you should be fine in Oct.

I know there are discounts for the regular parks for Fla. residents, maybe they might have them for the waterparks too.

Have fun!!!