Water Parks and Children


We are planning a trip with our parents and my sister with kids. Which water park is best for everyone?


What are the kids ages?


Both parks have something for everyone, though my children thought that blizzard beach had more “thrill” water slides, so if your kids are older, they may prefer blizzard beach.


I think the little kids section at both are great, but BB is a little more manageable with little little ones. Waiting for my kids to be tall enough for the big slides before we go back…almost there!


If your kids are younger there is more for them to do at BB. My kids who were 8 and 11 last trip were terrified of the giant waves in the wave pool at TL! And my DD who is short for her age could barely go on anything at TL


We’ve always enjoys BB. When our son was little he loved the little kids area but now that he’s older he loves all the big slides. Both parks are nice but we usually pick BB.


I think Blizzard Beach has more, although both of them have a “river” around the perimeter of them. The Lazy River in TL was much cleaner than the one in BB.


My older kids like the wave pool better at TL and they like Crush and Gusher at TL. Other than that we really enjoy both water parks.


Both parks are just fabulous but each has it’s different theme and charm. I prefer TL whereas DD and DH have always preferred Blizzard Beach. I do think BB pool is more user friendly than TL- although the wave is amazing, if you dont like it it’s hard to get cooled off and avoid it, plus the floor of the pool is very rough.


BB I have found from experience is more kid-friendly for the under 5 age group. I took my 4 kids to each and they enjoyed BB more when they couldn’t swim and TL when they could.