Water parks and renting lockers


To rent a locker, I thought you needed to give up some kind of ID. Are there changes now with the MB?


I don’t know if things have changed for the water parks, but—I will always carry my ID, and my health insurance card where ever I go. I will always have a wallet with me with those things as well as some cash. In this day and age, I don’t leave the house without them—whether or not I am driving.

Hospitals are hesitant to treat you without an ID and insurance info, so I never go anywhere without them…if I had children or grandchildren—I would always have their health info with me as well.

For me, having the MB will not change the basic things I always carry with me while at WDW. I have a small backpack I carry on my back—so there is room to take those things that I think that I need. Aspirin, bandaids, tissues, and my small “travel” wallet with ID cards and cash. This would all fit into the locker. :mickey: