Water Parks, what do you bring?


Going to one of the water parks, and I do not know what to bring. Should I bring towels, wear aqua socks, do I have to worry about my belongings when leaving them at a chair. Should I use a locker and do I have to pay for the locker each time I need to get something. These are a few of my concerns. Can anyone Help?



I have a pool/beach bag we pack a towel each, sunscreen, water shoes for my DH and DS, our Blizzard Beach mug (so we can buy a new sticker for it), a camera, and my DH takes his wallet. We rent a locker for the wallet (including room keys) and leave the rest of the stuff at our chairs. You get a key with the locker and can get in and out as often as you like. I don’t remember the cost but you get some back when you turn the key in when you leave.

I am fine w/o water shoes but my DH wants to wear them because the sidewalks can get pretty hot.


We take a beach towel, sun screen and water shoes that we can leave on the loungers. We rent a locker to keep the clothes in and our phone. We bought one of those little waterproof cases you can wear around your neck to keep room keys and some $$$ in (We only take around $20 or less as we don’t tend to buy anything there except maybe a drink) so we don’t have to worry about leaving anything valuable out of sight. We usually only spend a morning in the waterparks so don’t really need to take a whole lot of anything with us! We can’t go without our water shoes now though, the sidewalks get hot, the wave pool can have a rough floor and after seeing some of the toes paddling in the water…urgh! Water shoes are the way! Id suggest buying them outside of Disney though as they cost a fortune once your through the gates!


We usually bring a change of clothes as well, so that we can shower, change and we usually go to dinner from there - or to DTD. You can rent towels there, if you dont want to lug them around, they are maybe $3-5? If you are staying all day, I think you can even bring a cooler if you want, there is a great beach with shade cabanas, but get there EARLY as they fill up. We also use the lockers, but just for wallet/keys and camera. You actually dont really need a camera as there are lots of photopass photographers at the water parks.


Water friendly sandals, a towel, my BB waterproof card container for my license and room key and a few dollars, and a worn out baseball cap that I can get wet. I grab a locker for my dry clothes.
Because this isn’t an all day expedition, I really don’t need anything else.
I usually grab a pool towel or take one from the room and bring it back to the hotel.
I also keep my tee shirt on (to keep America beautiful).


I usually leave my stuff on a chair, no locker. Never lost anything.


I don’t really bother with a chair or laying out in the sun. If I’m in a waterpark, I’m walking from slide to slide or floating on the lazy river.


Yes us too, this may be tempting fate but we’ve gone dozens of times and never lost a thing!


hair-gel, blue speedo, lacoste sandles, plenty of pastey white sun block (for my nose only) and last but not least my tiny, customized red sox umbrellas for my mixed drinks…



The speedo is a given.
Thanks for all the input. Looks like we will get some water shoes, a locker, brings some towels, and lots of SPF 50.

See you on the beach!


[QUOTE=Tor2ga;1042624]The speedo is a given.
Thanks for all the input. Looks like we will get some water shoes, a locker, brings some towels, and lots of SPF 50.

See you on the beach![/QUOTE]

You know it! :whistling