Water parks


Are the water parks open around the 1-2 wk in Dec? If so, is it worth going? We usually go to disney in the Hot summer months! Im’n not sure what the temp. is in Dec!


Ususally one of the water parks is closed during that time. This year Blizzard Beach is down from October 29 to January 6. For me the weather is a little chilly, with the highs being about 72 degrees and the lows being at about 52 degrees.


Yeah, they close one down at a time in the winter cuz the demand is so low. Days can be mildy warm, but nothing that really draws you to the pool, never mind the waterpark. If you’re lucky, you can see some beautiful days in the 70’s.

Makes it perfect weather for touring the parks, swimming…not so good. The pools are heated, but with the air being chlly, you need a plan to sat warm as soon as you get out. We prefer to take our dip in the hot tub rather than the pool in the winter.

Of course, the kids will jump in no matter what! :laugh:


I would play that by ear. We had intention of doing the water parks january 05 and it was just to cold to do it. We had a back-up plan and went to DQ instead. It’s really hard to determine the weather that time of year. Like ddoll said though, the kids will go in no matter what the temp is…lol


I know they keep the water heated at the water parks… I’ve never gone in December… I absolutely LOVE Tyhpoon Lagoon… it is a must do at least once per trip…sometimes we squeeze it in twice if we are lucky… It is so tropical and fun! My kids adore it and they are stil quite small… My husband is in love with the place…

I wouldn’t want to go to any water park if the temps were too cool…but if you had a warm December day (which happens, certainly) I’d go for certain!

We go in October…


I agree- you’ll have to take the weather day-by-day. We go to WDW every December, and it really has never been water park weather for us.