Water Parks


Does anyone have any tips for the water parks besides to wear shoes? Also, if you are going with a large age range of people, which water park is best? Thanks!


Everyone can find something to do at either park. We have only done Blizzard Beach. Lots of slides which are great for the young at heart, but might not be ok depending how ‘large’ your age range is. I’m sure and MB’r who has been to Typhoon Lagoon will comment.


I think Blizzard Beach might be a little friendlier for groups because they have several slides that are meant for groups of 4.
As for something for all ages, either park will do.


I haven’t been to a WDW waterpark in a long time…Do I need to bring my own towels? Trying to figure out what to pack


Hi, you can rent towels, but as we found out, there was a long line of people doing the same thing. If you bring your own you can skip this line and head right to the fun. The second time we went to a water park we brought towels from the hotel. Have fun!


Fun, fast and thrills: Blizzard Beach. Rest, relaxing, and more shade: Typhoon Lagoon.


The TL wave pool scares my kids!!! So we stick to BB


We honestly have no preference- we really love both water parks equally.


I find the wa e pool at tl is so much bigger than bb that the crowds seem less


Worried about towels?
Grab some from that convenient mousekeeping supply cart as you head off.
Don’t forget to bring them back!


We love both water parks too. Each one has its own charm. My advice is get there early (rope drop if possible) and find your sun lounger/chair first. Leave your shoes, book, newspaper etc on the bed and then go off and change if you need to. The beds and chairs go pretty fast.


I don’t know about my kids, but it definitely scares me!!! We stick with BB also!


We love both parks equally, my kids are 8 and 10. But be careful in the wave pool at TL-those waves are strong!!! We have come away with many scrapped knees and elbows. The waves also knocked down my 66 year old father in law several times! Good thing he thought it was funny!!:laugh:


I think Blizzard Beach is best for a large group of people.

And get a locker! It’s good to store your things in without having to carry it around the water park.:happy:


The last thing I want to think about in Florida is snow; so BB holds no appeal for us. We love TL, although we don’t go often. Love the lazy river.

“Borrow” some towels from the pool area if you are staying on-site. Just be sure to return them at the end of the day.


Is the locker line as long as the towel line?


We have always done TL and have always had a great time … We stroll in get a locker ,change , shower and hit the lazy river for a couple of laps then move to the wave pool where we locate the Beer stand and camp out close…:whistling
We like to sit just outside the line in the water … And relax and soak up some rays while enjoying the tasty golden beverages!
It’s that simple … C’Mon September !!!


We have been to both and love TL the best. The rides seem to be more appealing to myself and I love the huge wave pool. Also we always get there early cause there is a little island in the wave pool area that we love camping out at. I think it is the best place in the park.

However, summit pummet is awesome at BB


However, summit plummet is awesome at BB[/QUOTE]

Except for the atomic super wedgies everyone gets at the end.:eek:


So are you saying I am a dirty old man if I watch the females after they ride this? :laugh: