Water shoes in the water parks


I can’t remember - can you wear water shoes when going down the slides? Do you have your kids wear them?



Yes, we wear them (not just the kids). Been there when we haven’t and feet were tore up by the end of the day. Just wish they would make them more fashionable, but when it comes to fashion or function and my feet, function wins out.


Wouldn’t crocks work well as watershoes?
Because if they do, they’d look more fashionable then the other shoes :biggrin:


These are cute and they come in pink, light blue, and black.

Amazon.com: Speedo Women’s Buoy Water Shoe: Apparel


Crocks get slippery when wet!


They are really cute.


LandsEnd has some cute ones that look more like tennis shoes… in lots of bright colors… adult and children sizes, too.


Thanks for the help. I was looking for some that would not be so tight also. I like these options.


We had to take our water shoes off, and hold them, when going down the slides when we were there last summer.:smile:


oh you were there last summer?


Yes Ma’am.:smile: Posted a TR all about it. :smile:


now how could I have missed that? :laugh:


My problem with water shoes is they are HARD to get on and off when wet! I’m afraid my 4 year old son can’t manage on his own. And since they have to take them off b4 going down the slides, this could be a major frustration. So, I ordered flip flops from Lands End. For my boy, they have a strap around the back of his foot. I wanted to do crocs, but they do get slippery!

Uh, going in 31 days!


Well, shoot, I really like these Youth Mesh Water Shoes from Lands’ End but, if you have to take them off when going down slides it seems to hard. Do you HAVE to take them off?

Dutches, you wil have to report back about this.


You don’t have to take them off for all of the slides, just the body slides. Basically, you put one shoe in each hand, cross your arms like you would normally on a bodyslide, and off you go. The CM’s, in my experience, have never had a problem doing it this way.

I think flip-flops get very slippery when wet. I can’t recall ever having had a problem in my crocs, but flip-flops have been the near death of me in the rain.


Could you get away with wearing flip flops around the water parks if you held them on the slides? Though holding them on some would probably bug me


I’m not sure. I don’t think they would let you wear them on the tube slides because you could easily lose them. I don’t know if they would let you hold them on the tubes slides either because they usually want you to hold onto the tube. I don’t see why they wouldn’t let you hold them on the body slides. If you can hold water shoes, I can’t see why you wouldn’t be allowed to hold flip flops.


Hey… flip flops… you could maybe slide in your waistband on slides with tubes (okay, okay… maybe that’s not so appropriate, but it’s not like anyone would see)?


Last weekend at TL we wore Crocs. Some CM’s ask you to take them off and hold them, some do not, depends on the ride. In the lazy river we wore them the hole time and in the shark reef.

However, once my DS’s feet got we they slid in the Crocs and he got a blister. That was way better than burnt feet. The pavement was very hot.

Use your best judgement, whatever works for you.


it all depends on who is manning the top of the ride…Some say yes some say no…