Water View vs. Preferred Room at CSR


I know there are many CSR fans on this site, and I know you can help me. My family and I are booked in a water view room in May. We put a request (I know it is just that) on our reservation to be in building 8A. I have been reading conflicting reports, and was hoping that this building has water view rooms.

BTW we wanted a standard room, but all that was left for our time frame was water view.


Cabana 8a has great waterviews as do all the cabana buildings.


Thanks! 39 Days and counting!


Have a great time! I’m at 80 days and counting!!


Have a Magical vacation! I always ask for a water view, a little bit more money but worth it. 206 days and counting!


We usually opt for a standard room because we don’t spend any amount of time in the room, but we really wanted to stay at CSR this year and standard wasn’t available. We are looking forward to it, and my kids are hoping to be close to the Dig Site! I placed a request for 8A now I’ll just cross my fingers.