Water, water, everywhere, is there a drop to drink?


Hey, all you BringYourOwnSnackers…do you buy water bottles, gallons of water, or do you use the tap? :confused:

We are spoiled in Memphis - we have artisan well water - all naturally filtered from hundreds of feet underground…we have the best public water in the USA! (thank goodness, as this may be the only thing!):ohmy:

So, we love Propel, but hate to buy a case of water bottles…advice, please?


To me the Florida water taste funny but I think that happens anytime you travel to a different part of the country. We usually just buy in the parks so we don’t have to carry them around–but if I did bring my own I am pretty sure I’d just buy bottled water.


I wish I had artesian well water!

Anyway, we buy a case of water right before we leave for WDW. Then in the park we’ll just get cups of ice.


We use the tap.


We buy a case of water for our room. We take a bottle each to the parks. I then refill it with ice water throughout the day (free at any CS place) and use Sugar Free drink packets (think Crystal Light). It makes drinking the tap water MUCH more bearable!


we’re from FL and we do the same! we are just not tap water drinkers. but honestly…we don’t take bottled water into the park, but we also don’t go during the hot months.

we usually get a bottled kids water with tech kid meal and drink it later. DD and i will share an adult bev. (they are pretty large!)


I was just watching a test they did on one of the cabal channels to determine what is the best water for you. Tap is the best for you. I drink that after it has been through the filter. It tastes much better than regular tap and bottled water.


You can ask for a cup of water from any CS. They give you a large cup filled with water, ice and a lid for free. We then carry that around with us.


I usually bring one bottle in to the park with me but then buy cold ones when we need it I also bring the crystal light mixins so I can have something other than water …


Apparently billions of dollars are spent to clean the water supply and then we go and spend billions of dollars on bottled water which does not have the same standards of purity as tap water. You are actually more likely to get sick off bottled water (bacteria, etc. from the natural source) than tap water.

I like to filter my water too. It does taste better. And…I am bringing single serving Crystal Light mixes with me in September. I read about those in a thread awhile back and I was like…whoa! Great idea!


At home I don’t mind drinking tap water but I do buy water bottles to take on the go. In Florida I always drink bottled water, tap just tastes extra funny to me. I don’t even like the waterfountain water in WDW.


We bought bottled water on our grocery store stop the first time we travelled to WDW because we heard that the tap water didn’t taste good. The second and third trips, we drank tap water most of the time because it didn’t taste bad to us at all. Different, but not bad. I think we bought a bottle or two of water at the parks when we were really thirsty and didn’t want just a drink from the drinking fountain. But the tap water was fine for us!


we get a case of water on our grocery stop with the town car. But we never drink it all, cause we forget to take it to the parks. So, the family who stays next door to us reaps the rewards :laugh:

Bottled water!!


We pack bottled water in our luggage, or make friends with someone who does a grocery stop. Just make sure you don’t go over the weight limit, and bag it!


Well, we are driving in a huge comfort van, so space is not much of an issue…except that the kids bring pillows, stuffed animals, video games, the portable DVD player and lots of Disney movies, we have a cooler, and Mama HAS to sleep on the back bench seat most of the night, so space is a bit of an issue…LOL!:blush:

We will likely bring a gallon or two - someone else here posted that they use a camelback in the parks, and we have a couple, so we are adapting our kids last year’s school backpack to hold the camelback and plan on mixing up propel with hotel ice and walmart gallon of water so we can have something cool to sip on in the morning. Looking forward to wearing the ice pack backpack!:cool:

If we run out, we are good with the tap…13 days - its a long time to pack for!:laugh:

Thanks, guys, I knew I could count on you!:wub::wub:


Again, we thought the tap water tasted like bleach/pool water, so like others, I brought a million of those drink packs (box of 8 for $1 at Walgreens). It was painfully hot, I wish I knew to get cold water from the CS, because the warmish flavored tap water didn’t hit the spot most times.


Those are the ones I use! There are SO many great flavors. Wylers and Hawaiian Punch…all Sugar Free. Wylers are Caffeine Free, too!


I have a brita water bottle with a built in filter. I fill it up at the waterfountains throughout the day. I hate throw-away plastic bottles, it just feels so wasteful to me.


That’s a great thing to have! Is it much heavier/bulkier than a normal water bottle? Can I ask how much it was and if it needs replacement filters?


I was wondering the same thing. I have heard about these Brita water bottles, but have NEVER seen them. They sound GREAT to take on vacation! Heck, even to use them at home sounds like a great idea.