WCC for breakfast?


Anyone ever done it? How was it? DH saw French Toast with Cinnamon Icing on the menu and he’s sold just on that… :laugh:


I’ve been there for breakfast and enjoyed it.


Thanks DT!! The menu sounds really good and it doesn’t sound too expensive!


I love their breakfast…haven’t had it in years, but it was VERY good when we went there.


Have you been for dinner? I thought breakfast was much better than dinner.


well that’s even better to hear!!! :laugh: We’re going to do breakfast and dinner there…


Dinner wasn’t bad, it was good, just not great. I would do dinner again if I was staying there again but I wouldn’t go out of my way.


We always enjoy WCC and have eaten both dinner and breakfast. Just make sure you are a morning person the last time we were there they were messing around with a guy who wanted to eat his breakfast in peace…not happening there.


Be sure to ask for ketchup. At least once.


Hey what is WCC?? sorry


We have been here for both dinner and breakfast. Dinner was very good, as well as breakfast. I can’t remember what I got…hard to believe I didn’t take any photos:rolleyes: …back when I was a Disney newbie and didn’t know any better.:laugh:

Now, there is not a meal that goes unphotographed:ninja: :laugh:


Whispering Canyon Cafe in the Wilderness Lodge