WDL value season?


I made my resevation for the beginning of December at WDL and boy did I have a heck of a time getting the dates I needed and no standard rooms available… Seems the time when Disney is supposed to be less full, has become very full…I don’t recall having this problem before…has anyone else noticed this?
I dont mind getting a woods view, just am surprized at how full they are this year…


I’m not sure what WDL is–do you mean Wilderness Lodge? If so I’m not at all surprised it’s pretty booked. Early December is getting more popular every year and WL is very popular at Christmas and it’s a small resort so the rooms are more limited than other resorts.


I have a feeling that the economic situation will be forcing a lot more people to try and take advantage of the Value Seasons at both CA and FL locations. For instance, it might be easier to convince themselves that it’s OK to take the kids out of school during Valuse Season, if it means saving $1500.

It’s how I would feel, definitely!


WL is a very popular resort and many people travel in the value seasons now in order to make the deluxes more affordable. You should try for AKL…it’s awesome there.


I think it is really that particular resort. It seems to fill easily during Christmas time.


It seems like the value seasons are getting a bit busier all over the place - such good deals, people are starting to really notice.


thanks all…I really didn’t think of that…its my favorite resort, second is AKL…Its been awhile since we have been able to afford to go and I wanted to enjoy the renovated rooms at WL…can anyone recommend a nice woods view at WL?


Try rooms 5020-40 or somewhere around there.


I don’t think that it is just WDL. I tried to book a room at POP for Dec.8-13 and was told that they have no rooms anywhere.:confused: We will either try again to rebook our room and add the additional room on, or we will have to stay off site.:mad: i have to wait a few weeks until after our daughters wedding and our sons surgery:crying:


It’s possible, even probable, that rooms are being held in reserve and won’t be released just now. Also, reservations often get cancelled or changed and rooms that were unavailable today can become available in October or November.


We experienced the same crazieness! Everyone kept saying it has become a very popular DVC time, but I don’t think it pertains just to DVC , we checked regular rooms as well, and same thing! I think it is rediculous that they hold some rooms for closer to the holidays, if someone wants them, and they have them they should let them book them! Just my opinion! I am sure there is a science to it, but never was good with science type of girl!:laugh:


I agree… we did a last minute trip last Dec. We got our room a week and a half before we went.


Im thinking thats definetly whats going on…I tried to get my room put on Fl Res yesterday and they said that they were already all gone for WL…Im gonna keep trying, we are going to love the stay at WL, but could really use some kinda discount…My family likes to hang aroud the Lodge more than the Parks, guess thats abit off, but oh well…