WDW 40th Anniversary Celebration


Ohhhh I really wish I could be there on Oct 1st to kick off the 40th Anniversary Celebration. This sounds really cool.



13 days too late! Rats! Wouldn’t that be a wonderful atmosphere! I wish I could get one of the t-shirts.


We will be there that evening, but I don’t know if we will brave MK LOL! I’ll let you know…


Working Crystal Palace that morning. I do hope I can get away to see the cavalcade


Special fireworks?!

I’m beginning to smell a day trip.
(But maybe not)


I wish I could be there that day. I am hoping they will put a few cooler things on the disney store website. I have the anniversary ears. I want to get a few more things. What a great time for people to get down there.


Oh wow. They have lots planned for that day. I would love to be there to see it!


SOOO excited! We are there that weekend…so with crowds and all I will be there!


Then again, imagine the crowds in the MK because it’s a Saturday!


I have no interest in dealing with the madhouse this weekend. I hope whoever goes has a great time though


We fly in that morning, but probably won’t be at MK until about 1:00pm-ish. It is actually my DH’s birthday that day too, so we have dinner reservations at 8:00pm for Cinderella’s royal Table. Wish us luck in the crowds, but it should still be fun.


We’ll be there, but I’m thinking I want to avoid the MK that day too.


Tut-tut, what you REALLY want is to be in EPCOT on 10/21 for the Meet and Greet.

That’s where all the cool kids will be.


Take pics, lot’s and lot’s of pics to share with all us less fortunate souls that aren’t able to make it :mickey:


It all sounds so cool! I would love to get a t-shirt. lol


Avoid going to MK on a historical day? It’s worth it just to stick your head in and say “I was there.” Forget what crowds may or may not be there!


Sounds so cool! I wish I was going to be there for it.


I remember the 25th anniversary. I wan’t crazy about the castle, but it was a fun time at WDW!