The time before I head to WDW drags like a bag of sand—but once you are there—whoosh–it goes by in a flash. It wouldn’t be so bad if you are lucky enough to know you will be heading back within the year. When you only go every 2-3 years—it’s too early to plan!! Plus—I like to get that “Pin” discount!!! lol

For this trip, I did not take as many photos—I didn’t even use my camera—only my iPhone so the ones I did take are not the greatest. My DD took better pictures. I am not sure how many I will even upload here—it seems so much harder to upload pictures to this site now.

We started off our trip at Reagan National early Sunday morning. East trek through security…nice flight down. I always love that first step out the plane into MCO and heading for that shuttle. It’s such a great feeling. But boy was that feeling hot!!!

ME was ready and waiting, and although there were more people loading on buses than we have ever seen before, we were in the room at POFQ within the hour. I consider that good!! They have changed the Welcome movie on the ME bus…thank goodness!!! lol

Our room was ready, and it was in an excellent location. I had requested an upper floor room in a building close to the food court and we got just that. It was very nice and quiet the whole week. ME has changed they way they deliver luggage. They use to say it would arrive within a few hours—and most of the time–our luggage would get to the hotel before we do. Now, they told us that by the end of the day, it would be in our room. We had packed our carryon with what we would need for the rest of the day, so we changed, slathered on the suntan lotion and off we went. Did I say how hot it was???

We had Fps for Afternoon Parade viewing so we headed straight for the designated site. it is right in front of the castle. You do need to get there at the 20 min before mark if you want to be right up at the rope/curb, but it was worth a FP to not have to sit there in the sun 2 hours waiting for it.



…I am not able to upload photos for some reason. The website wants to upload my whole iPhoto zip file…I don’t think that’s the way I did it last time??? I will work on that…


So you were happy with using a FP for the parade? I was thinking of using one for the afternoon parade, but didn’t know if it was a waste. Like the FP area “only” had 2 thousand people in the area. We never wait for the afternoon parade because we don’t want to be sitting in the sun for an hour or two.


We are using a FP for the day and night parade this Oct. Hope its worth it. So they changed the movie on the bus. We used to get a kick out of Donald Duck and that yellow inner tube. Time sure does drag when you are waiting to go and than bam your home.


We used one FP for the afternoon parade and one for the evening parade. It is a really large roped off area, so be aware that if you want to be right up front you still need to get there 15-20 minutes before parade time…but it’s so much better than waiting for hours in a good spot. Also…for the evening parade, you can stay right where you are and watch wishes and the fireworks from the same spot. They will take the rope down after the evening parade but everyone just stayed there for the rest.

If you are only going to be in the MK one day, I wouldn’t use my two of my three FPs on the parades but we are always in the MK more than one day.


We thought it was worth it! The new movie is more extensive…and they show cartoons too.


We were there during the same time frame and yes it was HOT!! IT was also more crowded than previous trips during that time!!


…it definitely was hotter and more crowded this time. Unfortunately, this is just about the only time of the year we can go. It used to be the “value” season—the down time after all of Florida goes back to school…not anymore. I observed many more international visitors than in the past. I talked with one family from the UK and this is their big holiday time from school…so they come over for a couple of weeks.