WDW all booked up?


I got my ME tags today:laugh: :laugh: . I called to see if it would be possible to upgrade to a moderate from PC for our trip Aug. 20-27. They said that they had no rooms in moderate or deluxe for that week!:eek: Wow, It must be going to be crowded. I’m not sure if they are really all booked or if they just wouldn’t release a room for us being on the free dining package. She said to call back a couple of weeks prior to our trip to see if anyone cancels, but I was really surprised they had no openings.


I’m sure it’s just the rooms alloted for free dining are booked and not the actuall resorts fully booked. Disney.com is showing rooms at the moderate resorts.


I think Disney Teacher is probably right - that it is just the rooms set aside for free dining that are booked.

At least I hope that is the case, or I am in for some big crowds during my trip!


Since the free dining has expired, you can’t move resorts or you lose your free dining. This is really a mistake by the CM you spoke with, but they all do it. They just tell you there is no availability, since when they try to move you, nothing is available because the discount has expired. Nothing is sold out, the computer just shows no availability since everything that was available has been taken out of the system.

Don’t bother calling back, everyone who booked the free dining could cancel, it wouldn’t make any difference.