Wdw and DVC web site down?


have had problems all day accessing the dining reservations and am unable to log into DVC …anyone else out there having a problem .this post is the PM of march 13


I was very slow accessing anything on the site


I’ve logged on to the DVC site a couple of times today with no issues.


over the years disney has retooled its internet operation so many times and killed it so many times ,you wonder how much money they waste …originaally DVC was email plus password…tyhen they said no email just username and password…no matter what was going on on other disney sites,the the constant complaint that you must sign out of the other disney site to acces th is site ,this operation and subsequent changes usually have a life span of 2 months and then it starts all over again…love disney but my source says disney is always fixing and never settles on one thing for long…


yeah i talked with their online support and they said it was having problems…keeps telling me wrong password …