WDW and strollers


Ok so Im debating on a new stroller for my two little ones- I would be doing this just for the sake of WDW because of the busses being difficult to get a big double stroller on and a 1 year old and a 3 year old that wont be walking all day like us big kids but Im so torn as to what to get. Im looking at the sit and stand but that wont be good if Parker is tired (3 year old) and I like the jeep double but its hard to steer and push and its a side by side which wont work for the shops- anyone else have this dilemma and what do you suggest???


Oh my gosh, we have been so back and forth on this. Now we are past the stroller stage, but we started out with a side by side. I didn’t like how wide it was, it was hard to get through crowds ect. I got the tandem next, I hated that it was soooo hard to steer! One day I almost left it in the parking lot because I was so mad that it wouldn’t fold right! Next we got the sit and stand, that didn’t work out at all, once the little one fell asleep it was like having a on seater. Next we got 2 regular strollers, bad idea! If I had to pick I’d go with the side by side. That was the easiest one to steer, and it had the biggest baskets.


that is so funny because those are all the same issues I have- we currently own a very light weight one that we bought at target. its narrow and a front and back but its really too small for Parker and it is a bear to steer on anyting but perfectly flat surfaces. But its compact and light - no basket space to think of and there is no cup holder. I also have a jeep one we borrow from my sil and its a tough one in crowds also the kids feet hit the ground and its very heavy for what it is- There are so many to choose from now that I just dont know what to do!


Our Maclaren double stroller has been great for us. Numerous trips to WDW and others. We’ve never had a big issue in the shops at WDW with the stroller. It fits through a single doorway, collapses for easy on/off the plane or bus. When we ride the monorail, we ask for an accessible car.


Well, we went to Burlington Coat Factory Baby Depot, if you have one there go. They have every stroller there is and they’re sitting out so you can actually put the kids in it and push it around to get a feel of how it is. That’s what we did. That was when we thought 2 strollers would be a good idea, live and learn, right? Haha!


Is that the stroller that’s like $300? I looked at one that I really liked and I remember it being really expensive.


I have looked into the McClaren but its so stinking expensive! I would be buying it and then needing it to last till Parker was 6 for that price


we saw a stroller in babies r us that was a tandem, but the size of a regular umbrella stroller. the second child sat behind and under the first. it is hard to explain how it looks, but if you go to Toys"R"Us/Babies"R"Us - Baby , you will be able to see what i am talking about.


is that the duoglide? I have one that was given to me and it is horrible- all of the plastic pieces are breaking and it does not turn well at all- when its folded its almost as tall as me and Im not short!


we just rent one, it is so much easier than folding it to go on the buses and everything!


we rented one but we had issues with the park hopping the two kids in it and them climbing out to easily…


I know I mentioned this before in another thread, but once we rented a stroller and someone else was returning one at the same time as us. They told the CM that their child had an “accident” in the stroller and they just pushed it in the pen with all the others. Icky!


We’ve taken our MacLaren double to Disney twice. We have twins and our first trip was at 20 months and we just returned from their 3rd-birthday-trip. We had no problem maneuvering through the stores.

It is a bit pricey, but we’ve found it to have benefits that other strollers don’t.

Also, the problem with renting strollers is that you have to leave them at the front gate when you leave. If you have a long walk back to the car, and kids that don’t want to walk, that could be bad.


no, this one was metal. i did not buy it, as i have only one, but it looked pretty well put together…


Ewww that’s disgusting, Glad we brought clorox wipes to wipe them down before our kids got in them!


Unlike pumouse, I have had good luck with two strollers at DL, and that’s how we plan to tackle WDW, too. I have WAY too many strollers, but will take a Maclaren Volo and a cheap umbrella stroller I have handle extenders for (they cost as much as the stroller, lol). My kids are 3.5 and 5 (well, on Thursday she will be). I want to have somehting ready for DD5 in case she gets tired of walking, and it’s no bother to gate check the two strollers (knock on wood). Neither of them nap, so we don’t need reclining seats.

I recently sold my Kolkraft double umbrella stroller with reclining seats. My kids are way too heavy and it made pushing the stroller a bear, that may be the issue you’re having with the Jeep stroller being hard to push (I think the Jeep is made by Kolkraft, but it’s much nicer than the basic one I had).

I looked at renting a double stroller from a company in Orlando, but decided I really want two strollers. But here is the company, I haven’t used them, but have read good reviews about the equiptment being in great shape and very clean. Price List - A Baby’s Best Friend


We have two - a Maclaren single and double stroller. The single stroller has been temporarily retired while we need the double. When the daughter is a tad older, the single will be pulled out of retirement.

I’ll admit they aren’t cheap, but I think - with some things - you get what you pay for. If you are an “on the go” family, you can’t beat the Maclaren. They are light, super durable, they collapse nicely, and it includes a rain shield, cold weather boots, underseat storage bag. The only problem was a snap that came off the storage bag - replaced at no cost. Both strollers have multiple trips to WDW, HersheyPark, Washington DC, several auto races, and the local mall. We think they are worth every penny.

FWIW - When we bought the single, it included a freebie diaper bag that we use to this day (Safeline Kids: doubles as fanny pack & includes changing pad + detachable shoulder bag)

Diaper Bag


I have to totally agree with MACLAREN strollers. I’ve had MANY strollers and I wish I found Maclarens sooner!!!

I had the Jeep double stroller and after one use, took it immediately back to the store. It was TERRIBLE! My daughter almost toppled out numerous times (belt was only a waist belt and it didn’t go that tight). My son was jus turning 4 and he was about 40 pounds…pushing the stroller was such a chore. And there is NO storage on that stroller AT ALL. Oh, and don’t even get me started with the canopies…:mad:

Anyway, with Maclaren, the stroller holds 55 pounds per seat. I’ve even heard of it holding more weight, if need be! I don’t think many strollers offer that kind of a weight limit. We will be bringing our double with us to WDW for our 5 year old and our 18 month old. I will be using it for as l ong as my son needs it. It’s a GREAT stroller and if you look, you CAN find a bargain!

New, the stroller (Twin Traveler now known as Twin Techno) costs about $379…I got it BRAND NEW on ebay for $160!!! (plus $20 shipping)

Here are some that are for sale on ebay right now:

eBay - maclaren double, Strollers, Baby items on eBay.com


I can’t believe you disagreed with me!:crying: Just kidding!


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The thing about having two strollers is that you don’t have a ‘free’ adult to wrangle the walking kids. It works for us because our other child is older and sticks close, but if I had a wanderer or another child closer in age to the two youngest, it wouldn’t work.