WDW App for cell phone


What is the best WDW App for a cell phone for wait times and park info? Some give you the guide books and stuff, but we are only looking for one that gives the wait times for attractions. We found a free one, but didn’t know if there was a better one out there.


I have the Undercover Tourist Wait Times app and LOVE it! It is free in the Android market.


There is also a free version for the iphone. We used it constantly while we were there. Sometimes it was accurate other times not so much. Just depends on how many people are updating I guess.


DS found one that was free for his Iphone. Do you remember what it was called? I told him not to download it until I might hear from someone on MB.


I’ve used WDW Waits and found it to be pretty accurate. I even check it randomly just to see what’s going on. :laugh:


To us, the best is by far the Touringplans.com app, Lines. My daughter is on it ALL the time. It is a GREAT app.


I LOVE undercover tourist. I pull it up at least once a week (at home) just to dream of going on one of the rides!


I just stepped up my cell phone and got a Transform which is part of the Android market. Thanks for this thread, because I didn’t know which WDW app to pick!:laugh: