WDW bibbidi bobbidi boutique?


Can anyone who has recently been to BBB in Magic Kingdom tell me what costumes they offer? I can find no listing online. Also their prices for just the dresses if you can recall.


this has some pics of when we went 3 weeks ago



I was just looking back at your pics, but sadly I do not see a Rapunzel costume and that is the one she was looking for. Oh well maybe I can convince her to get the Aurora dress. We already own Belle, Ariel, Snow White, Tinkerbell , Jasmine and Merida we just wanted to get her something new and special for her bday.


Christina…our BBB days are long past—until grankids come along----but on the very bottom of this page…it gives your choices…


Sadly Repunzel is not one of the choices listed…but …could you call and ask? It can’t hurt to ask…


Woohoo, just called they have Rapunzel at BBB MK!!! Thank you smallworld for suggesting to call. I was only on hold for 2 minutes.


Yay! Be sure and post pictures!!!

This is good to know for others as well! :happy:


yes they had Rapunzel…I misunderstood I could have told you that, cuz my DD struggled with the choice


There is a princess shop right behind Cinderella’s Castle that carries all the princess dresses and accessories available. If you don’t see the dress you would like at the BBB, they would certainly find it for your princess!!
Enjoy, it’s a magical experience!:happy:


I’m debating on this for DD. I know she’d love it. Just don’t want to fork out all that money on a Rapunzel costume when she has one at home. Thinking it over. Maybe I could talk her into a different princess, perhaps a certain fairy. :wink:


Perhaps before you do the BBB, you can find other Princesses there in he parks and she can see how beautiful some of the others are as well…


Maybe so. :blush: She isn’t against any princess though! She has a Tink room but Rapunzel is her favorite. But she got that dress from Santa. Yet she’s having a mermaid/Ariel birthday party the week before we leave. :laugh:


lol Well—maybe she can be convinced to get the Mermaid dress at BBB? Take her to talk to Ariel!!! :laugh::laugh::laugh:

Good luck. :happy:


If she loves her Rapunzel dress from home so much, tell her to bring it to show Rapunzel! She can have her hair done like Rapunzel (they used to offer an actual Rapunzel package - not sure if it’s still available. Otherwise she can pick the hair style with the extentions and pick the blonde extentions to match Rapunzel) then you can head out and meet her favourite princess in the park! Santa used to bring our girls a princess dress each year of their favourite princess, and they would pack this dress to bring with them. He saved us hundreds of dollars in the park! :happy:


Good ideas. Guess I’ll be on the phone tomorrow making a ressie. :laugh:


Well I made the jump. Booked the Castle package at MK. She’s going to love it. She was saying “YAY!” when I was about to get off the phone, because she knew what I was doing. :laugh:


You won’t regret it, it is well worth it. The memories you make and the joy it brings your lil girl is priceless.