WDW Boat Rentals


On the new DVD they show little white jet boats. Does anyone know which resorts have them and how much they are?

Thanks in advance!


Search this site for lots of infomation



The following resorts have a boat marina/water sports available. Not sure of cost, though.

From allearsnet.com:

Which resorts have a boat marina and/or water sports?
Key: D = Dock only
Boardwalk Inn and Villas (D)
Caribbean Beach Resort
Coronado Springs
Fort Wilderness
Grand Floridian
Old Key West
Port Orleans French Quarter (D)
Port Orleans Riverside
Saratoga Springs
Wilderness Lodge and Villas
Yacht and Beach Club and Villas


I rented them on my honeymoon and they’re sooooo much fun!


Hi and Welcome!!!

We rented them at the Polynesian and they were worth every single penny!!! We rented 2 water mice for about 45 min. was close to $50. It was an awesome experience. The big boats would honk at us and we even got to go under the Monorail. The kids really, really loved this and can’t wait till we do it again in Dec. Just to let you know, some people call them Water Mice, but they are now called Sea Raycers. Well, that’s what they call them at the Polynesian.


The best places to rent them would be at the GF, WL Poly or FW.

There is a lot more water to cruise around in over in the MK area.

It’s really a blast !!


Racers is REALLY a stretch. Little 9.9 hp outboards so they really don’t do too fast. But I rented on on 2 of the trips last year. Neat for something different to do.

They also have pontoon boats and boston whalers for rent. (All have same 9.9 hp engines - something to do with some FL law that restricts renting without more training I was told.)

You can do a lot of running around on the lakes in 30-45 min.


The Water Mice were retired in 2003. The new boats are Sea Raycers, that’s the manufacturer’s model name. As for the 9.9 horse motors, that’s Disney’s choice. They used to be even smaller. But I’ve rented boats in Merritt Island that were much more powerful than 10 H.P. and I don’t have any more than a Florida drivers license.


We just rented little 2-person boats at the Contemporary, and the kids had a BLAST racing them aroudn the lagoon! Hint: Whoever weighs less, wins!


One of my sons and I rented one of these “mouse boats” during our stay at the Polynesian! They are a ton of fun! We were able to cruise on over to the Grand Floridian, the Contemporary, and we even went over to the boat dock at the Magic Kingdom!

Just stay out of the way of the ferry boats! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


FW always has a ton of boats for rent, and big water to run it on.