WDW Bus Accident


Two Walt Disney World buses collided Thursday afternoon, Kim Miller of the Florida Highway Patrol confirmed.

Disney Bus Collision Injures 12 Passengers - Orlando News Story - WESH Orlando


Just what Disney needs after this whole Monorail ordeal!!


:pinch: I hope none of those injuries were serious…


Me too. wow.

In a way I’m not suprised though. There are like 10-20 fender benders a day on Disney property. Every once in a while one of them is going to involve a bus. Its unfortunate though because it seems like this one could have been prevented.


It’s really scary since so many people are usually standing on the buses with barely anything to hold onto.

I feel bad for Disney with these incidents.

Something about transportation these days…I’m nervous enough to fly on SW next week after a whole ripped in the roof of a plane in mid air last week!!


I hope everyone is ok! Say a prayer…

You know how they say everything happens in 3’s? Well I hope that is not true here.



WOW this suprised me since I am currently in Disney, and we left Magic Kingdom just 2 hours before. I guess it pays off to go to the pool mid day.


In 2007, I was on a boat leaving the Disney Studios heading to Epcot and we crashed into the wall under the bridge which is just before you get to the Swan & Dolphin. No one appeared injured even though I fell to the ground (I was sitting in the back row outdoors). One guest on the boat did give the female driver a tounge lashing though!


Glad the injuries were minor. I hope all are OK. What a terrible thing to happen.


I’m actually surprised that the way some drivers handle their buses, combined with the wild Florida (and out of state) drivers, there aren’t more bus accidents.
Not good news, but you know it could always be so much worse.


And I’m usually the one standing when the bus is crowded.


I just read the story from the posted link. When they say that the driver of the first bus has been ticketed are they refering to the driver who slowed down to merge? This doesn’t seem right since the other bus rear ended him. Seems the other driver should have slowed down too!


Whats going on at WDW latly? All I keep reading is bad news stories! Hope eveyone will be ok!


I was always taught that you’re always responsible for what’s in front of you when driving. So if that bus had stopped quickly the bus behind him should have been at a safe driving distance (the 2 Mississippi rule) so when the bus in front of him did slow down suddenly he would have had more room to stop himself. Gotta love how people drive! Especially when there are passengers on a bus at some place like Disney.


A combination of life in the 21st Century, the law of averages, and the fact that there are so many avenues of information than there ever were. Incidents that most people would never have known about are now being text messaged and Twittered to news outlets at light speed.
What’s wrong, didn’t you pay attention to the last scene on Spaceship Earth?:laugh: