WDW Campers


Well we have bought a travel trailer and will be camping @ the Ft. Wilderness campground in June for a week. My DS will be playing in a Jr. Golf tournament on one of the Disney’s courses. We are super excited. This is a new adventure for us. My Dkids are older now and the rooms are getting more costly. I would love to hear from other Disney campers or just campers in general. Thanks!!


I haven’t been to FW since I was a kid but if you go to Outback RV Owners Forum -> Campground Information - Page 2

there are some posts for FW.

Also try Dog and Trailer Camping Forum and put up a thread.

These sites are better than the bigger forum sites. People are much friendlier.

I am trying to talk DH into driving down to FW. Don’t think that will happen anytime soon. We just jumped up from a pop-up to a TT also in Oct. of last year. We are loving it!!!



You are going to really enjoy the camping experience at the Fort. We have made several trips as a family. If you want to read through my day to day experience this past Christmas, there’s a TR on here somewhere…:heart:

Camping with kids that are older is a treat. My DD (17) enjoys the laid back feel, privacy of her own space (bunk), and well-kept showers/bathrooms. My two boys (16 and 11) love to play catch, fish, and jump for fresh oranges that hang from the trees. :heart: Camping at the Fort is just the right mix of the comforts of home, the perks of park “magic”, and the relaxation of true vacationing…

You will LOVE the trip! ENJOY!!!
(and, yes, I am thrilled to share my experiences and answer any questions you may have!)

:wub: Happy Camper :wub:


To me, there is NOTHING better than camping at FW. I have stayed Value to Deluxe and would pick FW anytime (even over concierge level at GF)!! There is just something about that place! 100% Disney, but completely away from the hustle and bustle.



Thank you for all the replies. I am excited and looking forward to the trip!