WDW castles christmas lights


Is this the first year the castle has been decorated with twinkle lights? I don’t remember seeing them last Christmas. Our family is in disagreement since the WDW holiday show on the travel channel last night.:tinytree: :snowman: :santa:


In the 4 years I’ve been at WDW, this is the first time they’ve lit up the castle.



You solved a family dispute.:laugh: :laugh:


I was amazed last night on Travel when they were talking about how they designed the lights to look almost invisible during the day… but SPECTACULAR at night.


Did anyone else get goosebumps/chills as The Fairy Godmother turned them on? Imagine the little eyes in awe of her powers! How MAGICAL!

Even thought I won’t see them… I can’t wait to get back!


I think I am always on the verge of tearing up when it comes to the “Disney Magic”.


I actually saw that happen in person. It was so beautiful how she “turned” on those lights section by section. It was a great show and I usually don’t go for things like that. Even my people stood there with mouths hanging open.


The power of Disney Magic is evident when “grown-up people” even can’t believe their eyes! I can imagine it was spectacular in person!
From the theatrical perspective, it is just AMAZING what they do!
I have the Fantasmic song on my cell and I STILL get chills when it rings!
Just another reason I LOVE Disney!


I must confess that my first thought when seeing the castle was; “I hope they turn off the lights during Holiday Wishes, or I’m going to have to start all over again”. Luckily, they do.
On the other hand, it is really beautiful with all the ice blue lights at night.


I teared up just watching it on TV. I am trying to convince my DH that we have to drive over on Friday because I must see them in person. We have FL season passes and our blackout dates begin on Dec. 22. So we can go anytime up until then. We are 45 mins. or so away. I must see WDW for Christmas! I prett much have him convinced, just need to pick the best day. Most likely a weekday will be our choice.


I was wondering the same thing, I haven’t been to WDW the last 2 Christmas’s. I thought it was soooooo pretty.


I can’t wait to see it next year at this time! It’s insanely beautiful!


I can’t wait to see the castle in person in 7 days!!! :wub: I am soo sad I missed the show on Travel Channel last night:crying: Stupid finals I have to study for!:laugh:


No, this is the first it’s been done. This is my third straight Christmas season with an AP.


Yeah, I wish. I can’t even imagine how expensive that is. We have spoken to folks who do though. They don’t get any length of stay discounts either. They just make back to back reservations.

Maybe someday, but I can’t imagine it being any time soon.


I am dying to see the castle lights! It looks so amazing in the pictures I have seen.

I love WDW at xmas, we can’t make it this year because I am having surgery on Dec 18th. Hopefully these lights will be back next year.


I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who tears up because of Disney Magic. We leave in 9 days and I’ll be sure to catch the lighting of the castle. We have only been to WDW once before and it was at Christmas too, I cried at the Candlelight Processional, Illuminations, Osborne Lights, and when meeting Mickey and Tigger, I guess I’d better make sure and pack tissues this time too.


I did, I will be there in 8 days 23 hours. I know I will tear up then to cause that was magical.