WDW College Program question


i was wondering what times of year does the WDW college program run? do they have summer programs? thanks guys!


I belive there are start dates most of the year. Yes summer for sure. I’m fairly sure it’s several dates in spring, summer, fall and winter.


A former cast member told me about a program they run where someone can come and work at a park for just 40 hours and still receive discounts for a full year. I haven’t called down to verify this but it sounded like fun, work a week (which will feel more like a vacation than work) and receive all the CM discounts for a full year.


The regular college program (not the international one) consists of Spring, Spring Advantage (spring and summer), Fall Advantage (summer and fall), and Fall. Until you have completed one of these programs, you can’t come for just the summer only. That is reserved for the professional internships which you can apply for after working in the college program.

There is also the seasonal program that DayDreamer is talking about. I don’t know very many details about it yet, but it’s pretty much how he described it. You remain a CM with all the benefits, but only work when they need someone. I have heard this is the status most CPs go to after finishing their programs. I am going to try and find out more about it.